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Sheringham High School

Stalham High School

Antingham & Southrepps Primary School

Gresham Village School

The Multi Academy Trust’s organisational structure consists of three levels: The Trustees of the Trust, the Local Governing Bodies of the member Academy schools and the Leadership teams of those individual schools.

Collectively, they are responsible for the strategic direction, day-to-day management and operation of the Academy Trust.

The Trustees work through the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees also has a separate Audit Committee. The Trustees are responsible for setting general policy and direction for the overall Multi Academy Trust, making strategic decisions, making senior staff appointments, adopting an overall annual plan and budget for the Trust, monitoring its financial and operational performance and approving major items of expenditure.

Each member Academy school has a Local Governing Body. The Local Governing Bodies are responsible for the curriculum of each individual Academy school, the conduct of students, the buildings and grounds and monitoring and evaluating all aspects of the Academy and its performance on a regular and systematic basis. They are responsible for budget monitoring against the agreed annual budget plan and approving some items of expenditure in line with the Financial Management and Regulations policy.

Lottery Bid; Parent Survey

How your child learns - please complete the survey!

We are working with lots of local schools in bidding for several hundred thousand pounds of Lottery funding to run courses for parents and carers on helping understand what really goes on in their children's heads, and how they can most easily support their learning- without any battles!

In order to get the bid approved, we need to prove that there is a need for it, so please could you spend just 2 minutes completing our survey? You can find it by clicking here.