Our Values

Our values

The Academy Trust’s mission statement is:


This is articulated through the following aims:

  • To be a community of outstanding schools.
  • To enable all students to reach their full potential within a caring and supportive environment.
  • To develop high aspirations within all students.
  • To strengthen provision across all schools within North Norfolk Academy Trust.
  • To use resources efficiently and effectively to the benefit of all students.

Every individual, who is part of the Academy Trust, from the Headteachers to the youngest students, are encouraged to behave, at all times and in all circumstances, with care, courtesy and consideration.

Public Benefit

The key public benefit delivered by North Norfolk Academy Trust is the maintenance and delivery of high quality education to the children of North Norfolk and the surroundings areas and parishes.

The Trustees confirm that they have had due regard to the Charity Commission’s guidance on public benefit.

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