Our visit from Team GB Olympic Swimmer Amy Smith!

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Amy Smith (1)

Amy Smith Olympic Swimmer

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17th May 2017

Our visit from Team GB Olympic Swimmer Amy Smith!

On Monday 15th May 2017 we had the great pleasure of welcoming Team GB Olympic Swimmer Amy Smith to our school.

Amy spent the whole morning with us thanks to Sports for Schools. Firstly she trained us all in an exciting and exhilarating fitness circuit where we all had to perform one minute of each exercise including press ups and star jumps. After we had all recovered Amy held a very inspirational, fun and interactive assembly when she showed us her medals and told us her wonderful memories of the events she has competed in including London 2012 Olympic games and answered the children's questions. Her description of how she overcame her fears and put 100% effort in to her career as a swimmer, and went from a seven year old who was afraid of swimming to winning a gold medal in the 2010 European Championships had every member of our school from the children to the staff in complete awe of her achievements. Amy truly has inspired and motivated us all to believe we can achieve anything if we work hard at it!

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