Our staff

Head of School

Mrs Sam Petchey

Executive Head

Mr Marc Goodlife


Mrs Nicky King (Currently being covered by Mr Adrian Platt)
Mrs Louise Lawes
Mrs Ruth de Neve

Mrs Gillian Leah (SENCo)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Helen Cook
Miss Katherine Hall
Mrs Tina Land
Mrs Paula Matthews
Mrs Emma Ollivier
Mrs Lacey Price-Jones
Mrs Donna Smith
Mrs Saara Smith

Early Years Leader

Mrs Rebecca Millin

Mid-day Supervisors

Mrs Zena Howard
Mrs Tina Land
Mrs Paula Matthews
Mrs Donna Smith


Mrs Lynne Flatman


Mr Tom Zawia


Mr Philip Close

Breakfast Club - Sunrisers

Mrs Zena Howard

After School Club - Sunsetters

Mrs Michaela Freeman

The staff team

All teachers and teaching assistants are warm and encouraging. They build excellent relationships with pupils, knowing them well and meeting their needs. They are keen to improve their practice and regularly update their knowledge and understanding by attending courses and gaining further qualifications to benefit your children. They provide a motivating curriculum, delivered in a calm, purposeful atmosphere.