Welcome to Antingham and Southrepps' Assembly Page!

Here at Antingham and Southrepps Primary School we like to start our school day together, finding out about the world, sharing successes and targets, discussing different opinions and airing different views, improving our listening skills, or simply beautifully singing at the top of our lungs!

Our timetable, although flexible, will often follow the timetable below:

Monday Morning: World News - Finding out the events/ news of the week around the world!
Monday Afternoon: Celebration Assembly
Wednesday Morning: School Events
Thursday Morning: Singing Assembly/ Music Appreciation
Friday Morning: Stories to make you think...

If your child has achieved something outside of school, please don't hesitate to share this with us! 

We will make a special mention for them in Assembly on Monday afternoon!

Assembly Music:

This half term we are developing our understanding and appreciating the genre of Jazz. Feel free to listen to some of the Jazz that we have been listening to in our assembly below!

British Values:

As part of our British Values, this half term we will look at 'Individual Liberty' and understand the rights that adults and children have. Additionally, we will learn about great people who have fought for human rights, including Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and Gandhi.

SEAL (Social,& Emotional Aspects of Learning):

We will discuss and listen to stories based on the topic 'Good to be Me!', and will recap what it is to be proud when reflecting on our abilities as learners.