Antingham & Southrepps Nursery Consultation

27th April 2018

Antingham & Southrepps Nursery Consultation

Consultation regarding increasing age range of Antingham and Southrepps Primary School

Held in hall at Antingham and Southrepps Primary School

Wednesday 25th April 2018 at 6pm.

There were 14 people present as well as Marc Goodliffe and Emma Harding. These were made up of 9 existing school parents, 4 governors (including 2 parent governors) and one member of the public who is not associated with the school.

Marc introduced himself and gave an outline as to why the meeting was being held.

Emma presented the proposal and explained how the school would be structured.

There was then an opportunity for questions and comments. These are listed below with the given answers.


Will the outdoor area for the nursery class be made more secure?

The fencing is up to the required standard, but there will be an additional lock for the gate to make the area more secure for younger children.


Will children have to be ‘dry’ before they attend the nursery class?

As children would not be attending until after their third birthday, it is hoped they would be dry, but there will be provision for changing and separate facilities available.


Does there need to be a minimum number of children for the nursery class to open?

No. NNAT think it is worth investing in the nursery class regardless of the uptake as a way of securing future pupils for the school.


Will all sessions need to be paid for?

The nursery class will be able to accept 15 and 30 hour funding for three year olds. They can also pay for extra sessions. Breakfast and After School Club will be charged too.


Will sessions be for a full day or will there be half days sessions too?

There will be morning and afternoon sessions available as well as lunch time sessions.


Will there be provision for snacks and meals?

Yes. Children will be able to bring packed lunch or have a hot school lunch. There will be flexibility on where the lunch is eaten and could be in the nursery class or the dining hall. There will also be snacks available.


Will Mr Adams be able to manage having years 2,3 and 4 together?

Mr Adams is confident he will manage. He will have Mrs Cork who is a strong TA and the class size will be 21, which is a good size.


What will happen to the current pre-school building?

This will become the art room, while it is still a usable building, and will be where breakfast and after school club take place. There needs work, but this can be done in the future.


Will here be more outdoor equipment for the nursery class?

Yes. The outdoor area will be developed and there are funds set aside for this.


Will the money made from the nursery class and wrap around care go to NNAT or the school?

The money will be invested back in to the school. The project has been carefully budgeted for and the sessions will be priced reasonably. NNAT are not looking to make a profit and any money made will be used to improve the resources.


What is the difference between a nursery and a preschool?

A pre-school is usually run by a parents committee and a nursery usually has higher qualified staff. We are looking to recruit someone with a level 6 qualification which is equivalent to a degree.


Will the nursery class follow the same curriculum as others?

Yes it will. This curriculum is then continued in reception.


Will the staff have first aid training?

The school staff that are designated first aiders are qualified to deal with the nursery class, and the new staff will also hold the required qualification. These will be kept up to date.


Will the nursery class have trips and outings?

Yes they will. These will mainly be in the summer term, but they will make good use of the available outside space all year.


Will the nursery class be included in assemblies at the school?

Not necessarily, but there will be lots of other opportunities to integrate the nursery class with the rest of the school on sports day and special events.


Why will the nursery only take three year olds and not two year olds?

The ratios and welfare requirements are very different for two year olds. We are looking to create links with local childminders and nurseries that take younger children.


A letter had been sent by someone who was not able to attend the meeting concerned that the current pre-school building would be unused.

It would be used as an art room and for breakfast and after-school club (see above).  They asked about a holiday club, which would be considered in the future.


Will wrap around care be available if the nursery class does not open?

Yes. Regardless of whether a nursery class opens, there will be wrap around care available in September and this will not be dependent on how many people use it.


What happens at After School Club?

Not an extension of the school day, but time to relax. There will be no organised activities, but informal, free-flowing play.


Marc and Emma both thanked everyone for attending and for their questions and comments. Marc explained that if anyone wanted to ask anything else, then they could get in touch through the school.


Consultation Questions Letter

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