11th September 2017


You will know that we are continuing to work very hard to do everything possible to improve students’ attendance at school. Currently the attendance target for every student at Sheringham High School is 96%.

As you know from recent communications, there is a clear link between school attendance and exam success. It is, therefore, very important that parents and carers work closely with the School to ensure regular attendance wherever possible.

The School and Government ask parents /carers not to take holidays in term time. Holidays will only be authorised under exceptional circumstances (see over) and, where leave is unauthorised, parents/carers risk further action such as fixed penalty fines and Fast Track court proceedings. We want to work in a positive way with parents/ carers to promote a full and productive education for each individual student.

Therefore, before you decide on booking a holiday outside of school holiday dates, please reflect upon the following issue. When a child returns to school he/she will need to catch up on work missed particularly at key times in the school year. This can lead to students becoming very anxious about the amount of work they need to do to be working at the same pace as everyone else in the group. It is very difficult for students to make up work if they haven’t received the teaching from the subject teacher in the first place. It is often very difficult to give adequate time to absentees when they return to school.

Norfolk County Council have issued the following statement:

According to the Local Authority, any student will meet the criteria for legal intervention through the issue of a Fixed Penalty Notice where they have:

  1. 10 consecutive sessions1 (the equivalent of 5 days) of unauthorised absence where some or all of the absence may be attributed to an unauthorised holiday in term-time (for absences from 1 September 2017); or
  2. 15% unauthorised absence over a period of 6 school weeks for reasons other than unauthorised term time holiday (eg. Unauthorised illness, unauthorised medical appointments, unauthorised family events.)

Please note that each school day consists of 2 sessions.

It is essential that we work together to reinforce the importance of education and the opportunities it gives us to have wider choices in later life. If we allow our children to be absent from school, the message is confused.

I am sure you will do everything you can to help us to support your child. I hope you will agree that education is so important; we need to ensure that students attend as regularly as they possibly can.

If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance, do not hesitate to contact his/her form tutor or Student Manager. Alternatively, Mrs Melton our student support officer is always ready to give advice and guidance.

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Dr A Richardson

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