Charities Week Presentation

20th March 2017

Charities Week Presentation

Charities week (Medium)At a special school assembly at Sheringham High School, we handed a cheque for £2860 to Judith Anderson from the Teenage Cancer Trust to support the varied work they do to help young people who suffer from this life changing disease.

Judith was amazed by the amount the students and staff had raised for the Trust; indeed, overwhelmed, as not many schools manage to raise this amount of money.

She was even more amazed when we described the kind of activities we had organised during Charities Week just before Christmas. Mrs Melhuish explained to her that it had been a real community effort and so many people had been involved in so many activities. She also explained how and why we had chosen the charity. Judith couldn’t believe how brave some of our teachers had been in eating the various weird and wonderful concoctions made by Alice and Niamh from Year 10!

Throughout the assembly we relived some of the best moments by watching a power point of some of the events and listening to Dr Richardson’s commentary about all of the things we had organised. Some of the best moments were watching the Year 11 students’ faces in their Man versus Food competition. They were hilarious. It was great to get everyone together again and to hear how the money will be used to support some of the young people. Jack Long presented the cheque to Judith. We are thrilled to have raised so much money and had some fun on the way!

 A massive thank – you to everyone who got involved in whatever way.

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