Educational Funding Update

17th May 2017

Educational Funding Update

School Funding – A guide for parents

Dear Parent / Carers

Along with up to 3000 Headteacher colleagues across 14 counties I am writing to you in order to raise the issue of school funding and the significant current financial difficulties that all of our schools are now facing.  

During all of our campaigning work to improve funding for each and every child in each and every school, we have been careful not to become involved in a politically biased or partisan way.  Headteacher colleagues and I feel that ahead of the forthcoming general election it is crucial that parents, carers and all other interested parties raise the issue of school funding ‘on the doorstep’ with all prospective candidates.

It would be naïve to think that school funding is the only issue affecting everyone’s lives but educational finances are such that we believe that it is vital to raise it as a key issue prior to the election on 8th June.

We hope that you will find the guide below to be of use and help make educational funding a cornerstone of the election campaign.  The suggested questions could be put to any prospective parliamentary candidate so that we can all be fully informed as to the future of school funding in the very near future. 

Thank you for your support.

Dr Andrew Richardson (Headteacher, Sheringham High School)

On behalf of 14 counties


East Sussex






West Sussex









Education on the Doorstep

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