Findings from parent and stakeholder responses to Stalham School day consultation 2017

02nd May 2017

Findings from parent and stakeholder responses to Stalham School day consultation 2017

Following a process of consultation the Board of NNAT summarises the collated responses of interested parties as follows;

  • Each group of interested parties was asked to respond to the same themes in a common style.
  • There was also an opportunity to record any views which fell beyond the scaled statements.
  • ‘Nil responses’ from all stakeholders who chose not to participate in the consultation were interpreted as ‘broadly supportive’.
  • There were 61 legible responses of which 12 were from stakeholders (not parents/carers).
  • Only 2 stakeholders disagreed outright. One other, drew attention to the need for all transport companies to liaise in order to provide an effective service.

 Only 6 parents disagreed outright. Their comments and reasons involved the following;

  • Medical reasons for earlier lunch.
  • Children should be at school longer not shorter.
  • Lunchtime too short for students to eat.
  •  Lunch too late.
  • Buses change times and so make it difficult for parents.

Most agreed and some had questions/ suggestions.

  • Can students be dropped off at 8am.
  • Can students still use IT rooms to eat lunch and do homework in 40 mins?
  • Not enough time for eating lunch.

Stakeholder issues involved;

  • Lunchtime adjustments during exam periods.
  • Supervision of students between 8.10 and 8.35.
  • Bus arrangements.
  • Lunch clubs will be affected as less time.
  • Too late for lunch.
  • Lunch too short for detentions.

The Board is mindful of the issues raised by parents and stakeholders involving student supervision, refreshment, enrichment, transport and parental concerns regarding arrival and departure.

It is worth noting that around 87% of responses were positive or broadly in agreement.

In light of the positive implications for students and their learning, the recommendation was made that the Stalham School day be changed in line with the outline consultation document.

This proposal was accepted at the Board meeting of the NNAT on April 25th 2017.

The new school day timings will, therefore, take effect from September 2017 at Stalham High School.

Further details will be communicated to all parents, students and stakeholders.

Dr.A.Richardson (Exec Headteacher NNAT)