Floodlighting and telecommunications installation for our astro-turf pitch

14th March 2017

Floodlighting and telecommunications installation for our astro-turf pitch

Shared Access currently has a planning application for the installation of floodlighting and a telecommunications mast at our School.

The way this works is that the School agrees to host the mobile phone mast and the telecommunications companies install floodlighting at their cost for our astro-pitch.

The School supports this proposal because it will enable us to:

  • Encourage sports and football training schools to use the facilities to provide opportunities for our young people.
  • Provide all year round facilities for community sports clubs.
  • Remove the safety issues around the total lack of mobile signal in the local area and at the school. Staff, parents, students and visitors are unable to get a mobile signal anywhere on the school grounds and this causes operational and safety issues.
  • Enable parents and students to contact each other when late pick-ups or after school clubs are running and the school office is closed.
  • Host after school matches and avoid the need for our teams to have to travel and always play away games.
  • Promote attendance at the school and sixth form through improved facilities.

Generally speaking, the feedback from the local community and parents is positive. If you would like to comment on the proposals, please email us through the contact us page.

If you have questions about the proposals, do please contact Rachel Morrison at the Pegasus Group on 01454 625945. Rachel.morrison@pegasuspg.co.uk

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