Funding; The Sheringham High position

22nd March 2017

Funding; The Sheringham High position

Dear Parent/ Carer,

You may have seen from the information on our website concerning the national picture on school funding, that many schools across the country have had to act to cope with these changes.

Sheringham High and Sixth Form, and the North Norfolk Academy Trust as a whole, is not immune but is managing the national situation with strategic approaches which keep the effect on the students to an absolute minimum and maintain its sound financial stability.

This year’s Year 9 options at Sheringham High remain as broad as ever; offering subjects other schools cannot, such as Food and Nutrition, Visual Technology, Materials Technology, Textiles, Horticulture, Motors, two languages, Business, as well as the core subjects and all three individual sciences. Class size is a key focus and classes  are rarely over 30. Where some schools have cut Teaching Assistants and support staff, Sheringham is maintaining its commitment to student progress and guidance in this area. The Sixth Form maintains its commitment to a breadth of courses to serve its North Norfolk student community.

Every year some teachers move on for a variety of reasons; to retire to enhance their career or due to personal circumstances.  It may be a shock to some, but our School’s staff turnover is lower than the national average of around 11% and, where some schools employ many unqualified teachers, Sheringham seeks to replace any staff moving on with well trained, keen, knowledgeable and qualified teachers, and has been successful in doing so for many years.

Given the national context outlined, it is with regret that the NNAT Board of Directors has had to make a recent staffing adjustment which affected four management posts. Despite these changes, we are confident SHS will continue to deliver a high level of academic success for students and continue to achieve results in the top tier of schools in Norfolk and the country as a whole.

It is no exaggeration to call the national picture of school funding a ‘crisis’ and parents and carers, some of the most powerful stakeholders in education, should be made aware of this. However, it is in managing the effects of these hardships where parental and stakeholder co-operation and understanding is vital.

The NNAT is committed to its students, its parents, its staff and its community in acting to put measures in place to weather these difficult times. The NNAT Board is taking proportionate and positive actions and is grateful for the immense and continued support of parents.

Yours faithfully,


Dr A Richardson (Headteacher) on behalf of NNAT Board of Directors


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