Important Centre Assessment Information

19th March 2018

Important Centre Assessment Information

Centre Assessed marks play a vital part of all students' exam preparation.

All staff take great pains to ensure student work is marked accurately and fairly. The JCQ has issued the attached direction for all centres and we suggest that all students and parents are aware of the process.

  1. The mark is awarded and communicated after internal moderation. 
  2. If a student decides he or she has questions about the mark, he or she will be given a photocopy if the work and mark-scheme.
  3. Students then have to mount a case by means of a written report explaining where they feel marks have not been awarded fairly.
  4. A Head Of Department and another unconnected teacher then reviews the mark and makes decision.
  5. An admin fee will be charged for this process.


Notice to Centres - Review of centre marks