Maths Revision Schedule

04th January 2018

Maths Revision Schedule

Maths Revision Schedule

Page 4-5 Business Continuity (iStock_000019408350Small)All Year 11 students have been invited to join our Maths Champions our online revision group. If students have signed up they have already been issued with their log in details. Those who have not yet signed up can do so by emailing Mrs Hill on The schedule of study is set out below.  The dates below show when each task is released and students have a week to complete it. Before Easter I will look at the topics that students have previously struggled with and create the subsequent schedule accordingly. If there are any issues with logging in, please email Mrs Hill as above.

I would also like to take this opportunity to recommend the following calendar to keep students completing a little Maths every day

Date set



Week 1 (20/11/17)



Week 2 (27/11/17)

Decimals and fractions

Fractions, decimals and ratio

Week 3 (04/12/17)

Trig and Pythagoras

Angles and trigonometry

Week 4 (11/12/17)

Multiplicative reasoning

Equations and inequalities

Week 5 (18/12/17)

Equations and inequalities

Area and volume

Week 6 (25/12/17)

Perimeter area and volume


Week 7 (8/1/18)


Accuracy and bounds

Week 8 (15/1/18)

Properties of shapes and angles

Transformations + constructions

Week 9 (22/1/18)


Simultaneous equations

Week 10 (29/1/18)

Straight Line graphs

Multiplicative reasoning

Week 11 (5/2/18)


Trig graphs and sine/cosine rule

Week 12 (19/2/18)


Polygons, angles and parallel sides

Week 13 (26/2/18)


Ratio and proportion

Week 14 (5/3/18)


Cumulative frequency, box plots, histograms

Week 15 (12/3/18)

Perimeter area and volume

Circle theorems + Geometry

Week 16 (19/3/18)

Pie charts and scatter Graphs

3D Forms and volume

Week 17 (26/3/18)

Indices, powers and roots

Linear and quadratic graphs