NHS Well being links and videos

26th March 2018

NHS Well being links and videos

Dear Parent / Carer,

During today's Year 11 assembly we explored online NHS services available to young people to support them during periods of exam stress. Please see the links attached. We recommend the free webinars, which last for one hour and are most beneficial when viewed by both parent/carer and child together. Exams can be a stressful time but, as adults, if we remain calm and communicate well with our young people, we will be able to alleviate some of their anxieties.




The final webinar is available tonight 26th March between 5.00pm and 6.00pm or on the 23rd April and is entitled “Successful Self Study.”

I hope you will take advantage of these sites and that they are useful to you and your son or daughter.

As you know, we are keen to support all of our students if they are feeling anxious or stressed because of their studies, so please contact us if we can help in any way.


Yours sincerely,

Jayne Melhuish

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