Norman Lamb Supports Soul Space Project

06th October 2017

Norman Lamb Supports Soul Space Project

IMG_0060IMG_0066Last term over 500 Sheringham High School students showed the strength of their feelings regarding global climate change by making and signing windmills as part of the Soul Space 2017 Project.

Each year the ever popular project has a new focus. This year’s was the plight of all countries which will fall victim to rising water levels when climate change is not tackled…..including North and East Norfolk!

Our MP, Norman Lamb, has supported the annual focus since the projects began and this year was no exception. He can be seen here meeting with Tippi, Anna and Daisy who presented him with one windmill for every 100 created by students to take back to Number 10 to present to the Prime Minister. After discussing global and local solutions to climate change, Norman dictated a letter to Teresa May in the presence of the students and praised them for their knowledge and focus.

Soul Space project leader Pete Skivington said, “We always choose an issue which will drive the imagination and get students thinking. It is always a pleasure, too, to have the project franked by our local MP who is now chairing the environment select committee!” The students were also excited to have a direct link to Westminster and enjoyed debating possible solutions with Norman, from ways to help in Bangladesh to how to reduce the impact of windfarms off our Norfolk coast.