'Oliver Twist' Review

01st April 2019

'Oliver Twist' Review

“I’m Reviewing the Situation!”; Oliver Potter (Year 10) Reviews ‘Oliver Twist’.

The Sheringham High ‘Oliver Twist’ production was one of the most spectacular shows I have ever watched, and, with it being my first school play, it really has set the bar high!

The acting was outstanding, almost on the level of professional drama companies in places; it was so brilliant. The songs that were sung were catchy and, given that the show had to work to a set time limit, were selected well to please all ages in the audience.

The actors cast for each role fitted perfectly with their voices and projection across the hall. Lights and sound really brought me in to the world of Oliver Twist without the need for a massive and expensive set. And I do appreciate the effort on minor details, from the stitching on the costumes to highlight the tattered waifs, to the ‘business’ being spread across the whole stage rather than just the main actor / actresses who were under the spotlight.

On another rather beautiful note, the concert band was once again on top of their game with the inclusion of primary school members (who were amazing, glad they were included).

Opening night was one to be remembered as it was a complete success and, with the price being only £5, this show gets a 5-star rating. Can’t wait to watch the next play!

~Oliver Potter, Year 10



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