Outside Area 'Revamp'!

28th February 2019

Outside Area 'Revamp'!

A big thank you to everyone who donated items for the school outside area 'revamp'! Work is well underway with our new pallet fence, pallet bug houses, tractor tyre reading nook, tyre, log and crate den building area and stepping stone obstacle course.

As you can see all the new items are VERY popular with the children and your kind donations have made all this possible.

More donations are always welcome, and we are really looking forward to other items we know are on their way!

Lottery Bid; Parent Survey

How your child learns - please complete the survey!

We are working with lots of local schools in bidding for several hundred thousand pounds of Lottery funding to run courses for parents and carers on helping understand what really goes on in their children's heads, and how they can most easily support their learning- without any battles!

In order to get the bid approved, we need to prove that there is a need for it, so please could you spend just 2 minutes completing our survey? You can find it by clicking here.