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15th October 2020

Antingham & Southrepp Primary School and Nursery Remote Learning Plan

During the school closure, we tried very hard to meet the needs of every family and find a way through what was a very sudden and unexpected change to the patterns of our lives. We have learnt a lot from the experience, both in terms of what went well and what, in retrospect, we might have done differently. As before, you will all have your own particular circumstances and situations, but we hope that you find the plan below a comprehensive way of ensuring that, if our children are not at school due to the virus, they will at least maintain their education in the best possible way.

What is remote learning?

Remote learning is when we provide education for the children, if they are at home either in self-isolation, if a ‘bubble’ is sent home to self-isolate or if we have another general school closure.

My child is self-isolating, what ‘remote learning’ can I expect?

Your child’s teacher will call you on the first day of absence to check that everything is okay and will set up home remote learning with you by the end of the school day, if your child is well. Depending on the age of your child, this will typically mirror the work that your child would be doing at school, such as daily reading, including any phonics work they may be missing, use of Bug Club for reading, a writing task and their White Rose Mathematics. There may also be some learning for other subjects. Prior to receiving contact from your child’s teacher, you could consult your term-on-a-page (EYFS to Year 6), which will give you information about what your child is doing in school. Paper copies of the half-a-term-on-a-page can be requested as and when needed. The most recent copy was sent out on Tuesday 3rd November.  

In addition to the home learning that is set, we have subscribed to 1decision to support the social, emotional and wellbeing for your child. Your child will get their own login to access the videos and resources online. We are also using parts of The government’s Oak Academy online lessons which cover a wide range of our curriculum objectives. This can be accessed here:

You and your child’s teacher can keep in touch by email or telephone during the time of your child’s absence. On the whole, where learning needs to be marked, it is best if you give immediate feedback. However, your child’s teacher will be very happy to assist if you need advice and will give feedback for written pieces, if you send a copy by email or share through your child’s Microsoft 365 account.

If your child is going to be away for more than a few days, we will prepare a learning parcel for you, if you need one. This will contain reading books, maths work books etc. Please contact us if you require this. 

The class bubble is self-isolating or school is closed, what remote learning can I expect?

In this instance, the class and class teacher will all move to a remote learning model with the intention that almost all aspects of the children’s education will continue remotely.

For days 1 and 2 of the closure, your child’s teacher will email via Parent Mail to set your child’s learning. On day 3, we will move to teacher directed learning using Microsoft Teams.

We have set up Microsoft Teams Classrooms for each class and every child will receive a Microsoft 365 login within the next week. This will enable your child’s teacher to set the learning for each day and have some interaction with the class.

The teachers will make a short video to set the learning and timetable for the day. They will also give general feedback from the previous day. Typically, this will be reading, a writing lesson, White Rose mathematics and other curriculum subjects, based on the timetable that the children would have been doing at school.

The teachers will be available at a set time during the day via Teams to give face-to-face tutoring and feedback, if you require it. They will also give written feedback for writing tasks. Currently we do not intend to do Zoom- style lessons, as we all have so many difficulties with Broadband, the need for siblings to access the internet at the same time and finding devices that can be used effectively. Every child should be able to access their accounts from home if they have a computer or similar device and are able to connect to Broadband.

We will also provide a weekly learning pack each week, including reading books, should you require it.

My child is in Early Years. What remote learning will be provided?

We will provide remote learning for ALL children in reception and nursery in exactly the same way as for the rest of the school, using Teams as our main means of communication. All EYFS children will have a Microsoft 365 login that they will be able to use. Mrs De Neve will set the reading, writing and mathematics learning that they would be doing in school and give you ideas about other learning that you could be doing. We will make sure that we try to maintain continuity of all learning, particularly phonics.

We will also encourage you to share what you are doing on Tapestry. This will be used as one of many communication tools including also, Teams, and class email.

If we have another long-term school closure, will there be the facility for children and teachers to meet for social interaction?

If we do go into another long term school closure, the Teams approach gives us the facilities to do video conferencing so the children are able to keep in touch at least once a week. We have a comprehensive Covid-19 safeguarding policy, which we will discuss with you should we enter this situation. We will also find as many other ways as we can to make sure our children and families feel connected.

 How will we be able to contact our child’s teacher?

If your child is self-isolating, your child’s class teacher will be in touch on the first day. After that, she will be available by email and telephone, if required. In the event of a more general closure, we will restart our use of the class email address, as we did before, as the main point of contact. Teams does have a private messaging facility, which we may decide to use. We will contact you with full details as required. Please also expect your class teacher to telephone at some point in the event of a longer-term school closure. I am always available for you to contact if you need me on, as is Lynne,

 We have decided not to send our child/ children to school because of the pandemic, although school is open. What provision can I expect?

We are very happy to support families who have decided to keep their children off school because of the pandemic, but cannot provide the comprehensive remote learning outlined above. If you are in this situation, please contact us and we will try to help.

 We will have difficulty with accessing the internet if there is a school closure. What can we do?

We do not want any child to be disadvantaged, if we have to go to remote learning. If you have difficulties with accessing the internet, then please get in touch with us as soon as you can and we will try to help you find a solution. We have just purchased some Chromebooks, which we are happy to loan out in this circumstance. If your child qualifies for Pupil Premium, we will be contacting you to discuss whether we can help with technology at home. We are unable to help with Broadband issues, but do not want any child to be disadvantaged because of this, so will work with you to find alternative ways of delivering remote learning. Please contact us if you need any assistance.

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