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08th January 2021

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8th Jan


Phonetic alphabet activity

Hi each week we will be posting a video, this week Hazel teaches us  something fun that you could learn that the police use to make sure they get people’s names and postcodes right. Can you learn your name and postcode in police code?

15th Jan


Healthy relationships

Friendships and relationships can be really tricky sometimes. Watch this video to see what tips the police have for helping you manage them.

22nd Jan


Criminal age of responsibility

What age are you supposed to know the difference between right and wrong in England? Tory takes us through the criminal age of responsibility, watch it and see if you were right.


29th Jan


Fingerprint activity

Do you know everyone has their own unique fingerprint and we leave them all over our homes and things we touch. Another fun activity, this time from Tory that you could do to make your own fingerprint.

5th Feb


The Internet - Stranger danger

Its Internet Safety Day on the 9th of February and as lots of you are still at home, we have two weeks of videos to help keep you safe online. This one is about people that you may meet online.


12th Feb


The Internet - gaming

Do you game online? Have you been doing lots more while you have been at home? To take you into half term this video  is about online gaming. Stay safe!

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