Our Staff

Our staff



Dr Richardson

Deputy Headteachers

Mrs Hollidge (Student progress & assessment)


Mrs Melhuish (Student management, Support & Guidance)

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Keshavarz (i/c Sixth Form)


Mr McMahon

Head of English

Mrs Chanter

Teachers of English

Mrs Bradley-Stubbs


Mrs Baker


Mr Handley


Mrs Posthill


Miss Gawthrop

Miss Nicol

Head of Mathematics

Mrs Hill

Teachers of Mathematics

Mr Arthur


Mr Davison


Mr Panday


Mrs Randell


Mrs Taylor

Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Cromwell (German)

Teachers of Modern Foreign Languages

Ms  Chastney


Mrs Hollidge


Mrs Keshavarz (French)


Mrs Melhuish

Head of Science

Dr Bestwick

Teachers of Science

Mr Harvey


Mr Knight


Mr Smith


Mrs Waldron


Mr Wilkerson


Miss Gardener

Head of Business and SVE

Mr Wallis

Teacher of Business and SVE

Mr Green

Teacher of Computing

Mr Bartle

Head of Geography

Mr Moorfoot

Teacher of Geography

Mrs Munro-Oakley


Mr Forton

Head of History

Mrs Tosney

Teachers of History

Mr Forton


Mrs Munro-Oakley

Dr Richardson


Ms Shepherd


Mr Phillips

Teacher of Media Studies

Miss Gawthrop

Head of Philosophy And Ethics

Mr Cartwright

Teachers of Philosophy And Ethics

Mr Green


Miss Nicol


Mr Handley

Head of Design Technology

Mr Bowen

Teachers of Design Technology

Mr Chandler (Motor Vehicle & Horticulture)


Mr Howard


Mrs Mendes-Houlston


Mrs Pleasants

Head of Art & Photography

Mrs Mendes-Houlston

Teachers of Art & Photography

Mrs Smith


Mrs Mendes-Houlston


Mr Mitchell Finnigan

Head of Music

Mr Mitchell Finnigan

Head of Drama

Miss Nicol

Head of Sociology

Mr Keshavarz

Head of Psychology, Health  and Social Care

Mr Clarke

Head of PE

Mr McGlinchey

Teachers of PE

Ms Shepherd


Mr Forton


Mr Green

Manager of Learning Support Unit (LSU)

Mrs Ransome

Student Managers

Mr Bonsra-Afriyie (Nelson & Carter)


Mrs Ives (Sewell & Cavell)

Teaching Assistants

Mr Boyce

Mrs Burghall


Mrs Dexter


Mrs Hudson

Miss Tuddenham

Mrs Tuck


Headteacher’s PA & Admin Manager

Mrs Cornell

Careers & Personal Advisor

Miss Drury


Miss Cooper

Mrs Durand

Administrative Assistants

Miss Ward (Attendance)

Mrs Rankin (Clerk to Governors)

Mrs Bannister (Reception)


Mrs Ives


Mrs Harvey


Mrs Silcock

Smallholding Co-ordinator

Mrs Angus

Cover Assistant And Student Support

Mr Richardson

Exams & Data Managers

Mrs Melton (Exams Officer)


Mr Knight (Curriculum & Timetable)


Mr Smith (Data Manager)


Ms Steward

Senior Science Technician

Mrs Barnard

Science Technician

Mrs Sharp

Design Technology  & Art Technician

Mr Dalton

IT Team Lead

Mr Taylor

ICT Technician

Mr King


Mr Wills


Mr Stone


Mr Stannard

Chief Finance Officer

Mr Hicks

Finance Officer

Mrs Stolworthy

Business Manager

Ms Duggan


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Wellbeing Pack

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