Performance & Results

Performance & Results

Examination Results 2018

Sheringham High School students have yet another set of outstanding results. Headteacher Dr Andrew Richardson said, “In a time of much examination volatility, students at GCSE excelled. Few schools can boast such impressive top line attainment in English, for example, but it’s also supported by top drawer value added!”

The School’s overall Progress 8 score looks like students add nearly a third of a grade more than expectation to their subjects. The School’s average Attainment 8 score per pupil was also excellent for this cohort. Unlike many schools in Norfolk and around the country, Sheringham is keen to enter as many students as possible for the Ebacc qualification and 60% of those who enter achieve this measure which means that they get C grades or above in English, Maths, 2 Sciences, a language and History or Geography. This is a high percentage and we are very proud of our students. Where students go next after GCSE is also key to Sheringham’s success and, year on year, more than 2/3rds of students choose to stay at our Sixth Form; a truly local sixth form providing small classes and individual support.

Department of Education School Performance Tables

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