Revision Planners

School term-time revision planner

This may help you to plan ahead and structure your revision. Make a plan which includes all of the subjects you will be examined in. Alter the times as necessary to suit your routine and fit in with clubs and after-school activities. You are allowed a night off!


  • Remember to take regular breaks during your revision (20 minutes on, followed by a 10 minute break works well).
  • Make mind-maps/ posters / revision cards. This will ensure your revision is active and productive and you will be able to re-use them for the summer exams. Don’t forget to fill in your revision record so you remember which areas to request help with.
  • Do something to keep your brain / body active during your break (walk the dog, phone a friend, chat to a parent, play a game of cards etc. Don’t watch TV or use electronic devices which allow you to be passive and may tempt you to delay getting back to work.
  • Factor in mealtimes, sleep time and time for relaxing. If you are not well rested, well-nourished and happy you will not achieve your best.


Revision classes

At home

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A massive thank you to all our parents and carers for your feedback on how remote learning is going!

As we all learn more about how we can work together while apart, we will continue to refine what we do and get better at it. We will continue to contact you about how your child is doing and keep you informed of how best they can be helped. Stay safe.

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