The school day

The School Day

We appreciate that parents may sometimes need to drop off students early but we regret that we cannot supervise our students before 8.25 am.

Parents are also asked, in the interests of the safety of our students, not to drive onto the School site to drop off or pick up students.

Activities continue after school every day, with supervision until 16.00. Rehearsals, fixtures and music lessons may continue beyond that time. The daily schedule looks like this:

8:35 am Registration, form period, or assembly
8:55 am Lesson 1
9:55 am Lesson 2
10:55 am Morning break
11:20 am Lesson 3
12:20 pm Lesson 4
1:20 pm Lunch break
2:00 pm Lesson 5
3.00 pm End of school

We operate a “two week timetable” and find that students quickly adapt to “week one” and “week two” routines. Sixth Form students also often have another lesson (Period 6) from 3.00 to 4.00pm.

6th form open 2019 YEAR 6 OPEN

Contact the school for more details of our two sixth form events

For more information about our Year 6 Open Evening please click on this link.