A uniform policy can:

  • instil pride amongst students and the wider community;
  • support positive behaviour;
  • encourage identity with, and support for, the School’s ethos;
  • ensure students of all ethnicities, religions and backgrounds feel welcome;
  • protect students from social pressures to dress in a particular way;
  • nurture cohesion;
  • promote good relations between different groups of students;
  • simplify and reduce the teachers’ task in assessing and correcting what is

Our current school uniform was established after consultation with governors and students; the latest consultation being this year. Our students are our ambassadors in the community and they should look, and behave, appropriately. We actively welcome the support of parents in helping students to look presentable. All main school students (Years 7 to Year 11) are expected to wear Sheringham High School uniform as detailed below.

It is important for students and the School that the way in which they present themselves is appropriate and acceptable in order to create the impression of a cohesive and well-ordered establishment. School uniform is a 'conduct' and 'standards' expectation'. It is expected that all students will come to School every day in neat, clean uniform, giving a message that they take pride in belonging to the School. It is vital that parents support the policy fully as outlined in the Home-School Agreement. Parents should be aware that it is the policy of the school that all staff will challenge uniform issues. It is an expectation that all parents sign up to the Home – School Agreement.



Our main uniform supplier is Stevensons, based at 67 Ber Street Norwich NRI 3AD; telephone 01603 622355. However, parents can also purchase uniform on line. Further information can be obtained from their website; norwichbranch@stevensons.co.uk. Due to the COVID19 crisis, uniform can only be purchased on line until further notice.

Our current school uniform is as follows;

  • Burgundy Sheringham High School polo shirt with logo.
  • Burgundy Sheringham High School fleece with logo and/or Burgundy Sheringham High School sweatshirt with logo.
  • Grey skirt or black trousers.

From September 2020, skirts should be one of the following.

Trutex pleated Harrow grey from Stevensons OR Girls' Permanent Pleated Grey Skirt from Marks and Spencer OR Girls Grey Pleated School Skirt 2 Pack from George at Asda. Skirts should be knee length. They should not be shorter. They should not be made of jersey or lycra. Students can wear black tights or white socks. (Parents should note that this a change to our current uniform style)

Trousers, should be plain black school trousers and should not have any adornments (e.g. studs, rivets, fancy stitching or belts). Trousers should not be made from any sort of lycra, corduroy or denim. Jeans, jeggings, chinos or very tight fitting trousers are not allowed. Trousers must cover students’ ankles and their socks.

Black leather or polishable leather style shoes. Trainers are not allowed. Shoes must be totally black with no coloured stripes or markings. Shoes should not be open-toed or have heels higher than 5cm. Black, plain ankle boots are acceptable but should not have fur around them or any other adornments.

Plain coat. Denim jackets/coats/blousons are not permitted.

Students have the option of wearing a burgundy school hoody. The hoody is available from Stevensons and has the School logo on the front and “Sheringham High School” across the back.

SHORTS. From June 1st 2020 (after the spring Bank Holiday) students will be allowed to wear tailored knee length black shorts in the second half of the summer term, after the May half – term holiday, from 2020. These shorts are unisex and are only available from Stevensons.


  • Jewellery should be limited to a watch and a pair of stud earrings. Dangly earrings and facial piercings are not allowed, neither are bracelets, bangles or other kinds of jewellery. Students will be expected to remove piercings. The excuse that they may heal up will not be accepted. Parents and students should consider this if they decide to get noses, tongues or chins pierced towards the end of a holiday or during term-time.
  • Hairstyles should be sensible and not extreme. Hair should not stand out from the norm or attract undue interest.
  • School staff may well insist that students tie back very long hair when carrying out practical tasks.
  • Hair needs to be one natural colour. Two-tone hair is unacceptable as are extreme colours. Once again, parents and students should be aware that colouring hair at the end of a holiday cannot be used as an excuse on a student’s return to school and the student faces the prospect of isolation.
  • Hair bands, ribbons should be discreet and not extreme.
  • Tram lines or other shaved shapes in the hair or eyebrows are not permitted
  • School staff will decide what is discreet when considering hair and jewellery.
  • Make up should be minimal and students may well be asked to remove excessive make – up or lipstick.
  • Students should not wear nail varnish and acrylic / false nails are not allowed. Students are asked to ensure their nails are not excessively long.

Games and Physical Education

Parents should consult Stevensons website for detailed information about PE kit. This can only be purchased from Stevensons. Compulsory kit is as follows.

  • Black and white polo shirt
  • Plain black shorts
  • White or black knee length or ankle socks.

Other items such as track tops and pants may also be purchased but these are optional.


We make every effort to ensure our uniform is affordable and comfortable and hope that parents and students will do their best to adhere to it and help us to maintain our high standards. In the unusual event that a student doesn’t conform to our expectations, he / she may well not be allowed to attend lessons until the problem is rectified.


Any parent/carer who has difficulty in meeting the cost of uniform should contact the Deputy Headteacher (Mrs Melhuish) in confidence.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our student managers, in the first instance, if you have any questions about the current uniform or the changes we are making. As we come towards the end of the academic year, parents may wish to purchase one of the new grey school skirts, rather than buy a black replacement.



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