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This menu starts on Monday 25th February

Norse Catering have developed this menu to emulate emerging food trends and food concepts found on the high street as well as offering popular, traditional dishes. The menu consists of four main food concepts:


For the more traditional dishes that will always be popular with students such as Roast Meat with all the Trimmings, Battered Fish and Chunky Chips and Spaghetti Carbonara with Garlic Bread.


Very much taking inspiration from Bento Box and Poke Bowl trends, these dishes are attractively presented in shallow bowls where ingredients are ‘built up’ as opposed to all mixed together and are easy to eat ‘on the go’. Our bowl dishes consist of world-food flavours, such as:

Sticky Chinese Pork

Falafel Bites with Warm Quinoa and Lentil Salad

Moroccan Cous Cous with Spiced Cauliflower


Street dishes are all about being hand-held food that is filling, appealing and can be eaten ‘on the go’. Norse Catering know from extensive surveys that Italian, Asian and Indian cuisine are very popular and work well when presented as Street food, dishes include:

Curried Chicken Chapatti with Chilli Mango and Indian Salad

Meatball and Cheese Sub

BBQ Pork Burger in a Bun with Apple and Celeriac Slaw


Norse Catering’s range of sweet items are fresh, homemade and varied to suit all tastes. Dishes include:

Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies

Blueberry and Granola Crunch Muffin

Parsnip and Marmalade Cake

We know students are in a generation of conscious consuming and feel a responsibility to the world around them, this is important to us too so we have developed this menu allowing for one vegan dish per day to support increasingly popular plant-based diets.

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