Cashless Catering

Cashless Catering

Students will need to have cash to load into the cash loader and remember their PIN if they have not signed up to the biometric system.

The easiest way to pay is though Parentmail Pluspay. You should follow the Connect Link to ParentMail on the website. To register for Parentmail, follow the link in the email or text that has been sent to you – or request a new link to be sent to you by emailing

Biometric information

The cashless catering facility is provided by Nationwide Retail Systems Ltd, a company which specialises in educational cashless catering. This is the company that manages the biometrics and the payments for meals.

In order to use the cashless catering system, students simply place a fingertip on a scanner to make a payment for their food. The light on the biometric reader is used solely to illuminate the fingertip of the student or staff member and the scanning device then effectively takes a capture.

Most of the data is discarded and only a limited number (approx. 120) of random points on the fingerprint are retained, not the whole fingerprint. These are not stored as images but are converted using a mathematical process to convert the image data to what is essentially a string of random numbers. Please note the system DOES NOT record fingertips / fingerprints and an image of your child’s fingerprint is not stored.

The information collected will be used solely for school purposes and held on the school system only. This technology is very secure and is commonly used within other schools across the UK and locally.

Notification of Intention to Process Student’s Biometric Information

The Academy wishes to use information about your child as part of the automated recognition system provided by Nationwide Retail Systems, for the purposes of implementing the cashless catering system.

The information from your child that we wish to use is referred to as ‘biometric information’ (see next paragraph). Under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (sections 26 to 28), we are required to notify each parent of a child and obtain the written consent of at least one parent before being able to use a child’s biometric information for an automated system.

Please be reassured that the law places specific requirements on schools when using personal information, such as biometric information, about students for the purposes of an automated biometric recognition system.

For example:

(a) the Academy cannot use the information for any purpose other than those for which it was originally obtained and made known to parents;

(b) the Academy must ensure that the information is stored securely;

(c) the Academy must tell you what it intends to do with the information;

(d) unless the law allows it, the Academy cannot disclose personal information to another person/body – you should note that the only body that the Academy wishes to share the information with is Nationwide Retail Systems.

Providing your consent/objecting

As stated above, in order to be able to use your child’s biometric information, the written consent of at least one parent is required. However, consent given by one parent will be overridden if the other parent objects in writing to the use of their child’s biometric information. Similarly, if your child objects to the use of their biometric information, then the Academy cannot collect or use his/her biometric information for inclusion on the automated recognition system.

You can also object to the proposed processing of your child’s biometric information at a later stage or withdraw any consent you have previously given. This means that, if you give consent but later change your mind, you can withdraw this consent. Please note that any consent, withdrawal of consent or objection from a parent must be in writing.

We believe that the introduction of both the online payment and cashless catering systems is an important step forward for the Academy. You can top up your child’s account for the purchase of food and drinks from the dining room and a significant advantage is that as there is no cash involved, it cannot be lost or spent on other things.

In addition to catering items, you will be able to pay for school trips and other expenses and you will be able to view your account online, allowing you to keep track of how much has been spent and on what. Lunch time queuing will also be reduced.

The system will automatically credit accounts the appropriate amount for those on free school meals.

All biometric data held by the school will be deleted should your child leave.



A massive thank you to all our parents and carers for your feedback on how remote learning is going!

As we all learn more about how we can work together while apart, we will continue to refine what we do and get better at it. We will continue to contact you about how your child is doing and keep you informed of how best they can be helped. Stay safe.

There’s nothing ‘remote’ about learning at SHS!

Everything about the Covid crisis has been about distance. We must be physically apart, we might find ourselves emotionally apart and we have been compelled to be educationally apart.

Recent press headlines and discussions have focused on the difficulties of engaging students without in-person contact. Some press reports have used ‘statistics’ gathered in dubious ways to talk about the percentages of students who are actually working remotely. Indeed, a recent study by UCL has suggested that 20% of students have done ‘little or no school work’ since lockdown.

Whatever the alleged ‘national picture’ of student engagement in distanced learning, the crucial question that has emerged is: how do we engage learners when we are not together physically? It’s a complicated question and, as with most issues, there isn’t one solution, one style, or one computer program for increasing learner engagement and motivation. But the answer, as with many things educational, seems to be what many of us call ‘common sense’!

Research seems to say that ‘online’ teachers need to combine multiple strategies to reach learners and, unsurprisingly, they must be behavioural, cognitive and emotional. In short, teachers must set a variety of work. They must reply and feedback early and often; building relationships. There must be regular, simple parental feedback so that the carer knows what work is actually being submitted. There must be a caring ear and a personal call for students and parents.

Here, at Sheringham High and Sixth, we set work which can be done independently and in REAL households with all their individual restrictions such as connectivity issues and multiple use computers. We mark and feed back quickly. We track students fortnightly. Student managers and tutors ring home personally!

So, let me share our actual statistics since the closure on March 23rd at Sheringham High given that 20% of students nationally seem not to have been engaged by their staff. On average, each of our students has completed 73% of the work set on time. Only 0.4% of students has completed no work since lockdown. Over one third of all our Year 7,8,9 and 10 students has submitted over 90% of their work on time. A quarter has done ALL work set! Since March 23rd, our students have watched 7033 podcasts on our GCSE Pod portal; usage doubling since last year. Between March and June, 3079 individual pieces of work have been set by our staff for Years 7-10 and 435 for Year 12. Over half of our sixth form students has completed 100% of the work set.

If we believe what we are told about national statistics and the etymology of the word ‘remote’(to ‘push away’) what we have at Sheringham High and Sixth is an engaged, embraced learning community which is working well and bucking the national trend! Well done to students, parents, carers and staff!

Stay safe!
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