Each Head of Learning is responsible for a House, supported by a Student Manager and  a team of tutors who oversee the academic progress and well being of their students.

Students join a tutor group which is made up of students from all year groups. This is known as 'vertical tutoring”. Students, staff and parents are very positive about this system as it creates a supportive atmosphere for new students and encourages team work.  Students remain in the same House and the same tutor group throughout their school career; this reinforces the supportive ethos that we aim to create at Sheringham.

Inter-House activities run throughout the year.  All activities are intended to engage students in a range of activities during the school day and as part of extracurricular provision. These opportunities encourage students’ sense of belonging to a House and increase their participation. Heads of House, supported by House Captains and Senior Prefects encourage students to take part in competitions. These are open to students of all abilities and reflect a variety of interests.





 Mr D Posthill Mr T Philpott Mr B Phillips Mrs A Sizer