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Nelson emailBorn on 29th September 1758 in Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk,  Horatio Nelson learned to sail on Barton Broad. Educated at Paston Grammar School, North Walsham, and Norwich School, and enrolled in the Royal Navy at 12 years of age. In 1784 Nelson was given command of the frigate Boreas which he commanded in Antigua.  In 1793 he was given command of the 64-gun Agamemnon and started a long series of battles against the French. In 1794 he was wounded in the face by stones and debris thrown up by a close cannon shot, Nelson lost the sight in his right eye. In 1797 he was responsible for the British victory at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent. He was knighted as a member of the Order of the Bath.  Soon after, Nelson was shot in the right arm with a musket ball, resulting in its amputation 
In 1799 Nelson was promoted to Rear Admiral of the Red, the seventh highest rank in the Royal Navy. On 21st October 1805 Nelson started his final battle, the Battle of Trafalgar. As the two fleets moved towards each other, Nelson sent a signal to the rest of the fleet, spelling out the famous phrase 'England expects that every man will do his duty'


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