Student support services

Student support services

At Sheringham High School we aim to create a caring community and our students’ well-being is of paramount importance to us.

 We all know that students cannot achieve their full potential academically if they are unhappy. Here at Sheringham High School, we pride ourselves on the support systems we have in place to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to seek advice about any concerns they might have. We listen to our students and take their worries seriously. 

 The Vertical Tutoring structure provides opportunities for mutual support amongst students and we are proud of the respect they have for one another and of the care they show towards each other. Form Tutors helped by three Student Managers work very closely together to create this atmosphere of mutual respect. The Student Managers, Mrs Ives for Sewell and Cavell, Houses, Mr Bonsra for Carter and Nelson Houses are available at all times to work with individual students. Miss Bishop, our third member of the team works specifically with Year 7 students to help them with their transition to high school. 

 Student Managers do not teach and are therefore available throughout the day to support students with any issues. They are highly experienced and are able to deal with the vast majority of concerns raised by students. They work very hard and are always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that students are well supported. Mrs Ransome, the Learning Support Unit Manager works very closely with this team to offer advice and support to staff, students and parents.

 In addition to Form Tutors and our Student Managers we are very fortunate to have a range of services available for our students. We understand that sometimes students wish to seek more objective or specialist advice to deal with specific problems. 

 Pete Skivington is a highly skilled youth worker who works for one of our local churches but finds the time to come into school and meet with young people who feel the need to have the opportunity to discuss particular concerns, ranging from bereavement to emotional issues such as anger management. 

 Tash Drury and Carly Cooper are the School’s careers advisers. They offer guidance and support about future career plans ranging from option choices at the transition from Key Stage 3 to 4 as well as 'A” level choices and university applications. They support students to consider career choices on an individual basis but they are also available to meet with parents. Tash is a highly experienced member of our team and is available to work with students experiencing personal difficulties too. She is our mental health lead and is able to liaise with outside agencies on parents and students’ behalf. Support can also be accessed via these links.

 Unfortunately, some young people need professional counselling because their personal circumstances are such that they need specialist support. We are very fortunate to have our own school counsellors; Fiona MacCallum and Arianne Hoppler are available to see students two mornings a week. They are both very experienced and highly skilled. Students are referred to our counsellors via Tash. If you would like more information about this service, please contact her directly.

 As a school, we organise a series of activities on our SMSC days, which target specific year groups about particular issues; for example, we hold an Anti – Bullying Day. We organise Careers events and days around sexual health and staying safe in its widest context. On these days, we invite a variety of organisations who can give specialist advice to our students. Organisations such as the Matthew Project, the local Police and nurses and doctors from the surgeries in Sheringham and Holt all have been kind enough to support these days.

 We work hard to ensure we educate our young people to stay safe on line and regularly deliver sessions in assemblies, through our tutor programme and in curriculum time about what they should do if they are at risk. Our local police officer PC Smith is a huge support to us and is ready to meet with parents/ carers and students to provide specific guidance. Please also see

 Information about well-being is available to parents /carers and students on our website. This information is updated regularly and gives contact details of outside agencies that students and parents may access in confidence. 

 The above information is a very brief summary of the wide range of support on offer for our students. However, it is really important for students and parents to share concerns with us in order for us to help and advise young people to solve any problems they may have. 

 I have every confidence in the team of staff I work with and know that they will individually and collectively do everything they can to offer guidance and support to the young people in our care. The vast majority of youngsters are very happy at our school and know they can seek advice in confidence and will be well supported.

 Mrs Jayne Melhuish


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