School Council Minutes

School Council Minutes

School Council Minutes – Monday 7th October 2016

House Competition Ideas

  • Easter Egg Hunt: House submits team of 4 to find hidden Easter themed objects, first team to return having found them all wins.
  • Design an Easter Bunny: Something similar to the Christmas stained glass windows. Designing competition.
  • Easter themed baking: bake-off themed style competition
  • Ks3/Ks4 Mastermind
  • The Chase Vs Doc
  • Tug of War
  • Chocolate Raffle
  • Decorate an Easter Card: Card sent out to each form, best card wins
  • Guess the number of mini-eggs in a jar

£2,860 raised for the Teenage Cancer Trust through Charities Week

School Council Minutes – Monday 7th October 2016

  • Mufti Day on Friday 21st October-supporting Charities Week

House Competitions

  • Bake off- Thursday 20th October (Ingredients provided, 4 people per house, 2 KS3 and 2 KS4).
  • Cross bar challenge (Lunchtime, teachers and students, house points for winners) Footballs and cones needed- still to be decided on dates.
  • Dodgeball to take place after half term.

Year 6 Open Evening

  • Monday Registration- Prefects meeting.

Next week:

  • Starting to organise Christmas competitions and charities week
  • Food in the canteen (Sugary snacks- Good or Bad?)

School Council Minutes – Monday 29th February 2016

Julie and Pauline from Sheringham Surgery spoke to School Council today. They aim to promote healthy lifestyles among young people and encourage anyone with any concerns to speak to Sheringham Surgery.

They talked to School Council about confidentiality of personal information within the surgery and NHS. Everything discussed with anyone at the surgery remains confidential. They encourage all people of any age to speak to the surgery if they have any concerns.

They will be working with School Council to produce a questionnaire to give to students, this will enable them to broaden their support network and make their support system easier to access for young people.

Next week School Council will be looking at Sheringham Surgery's website for teenagers and giving feedback to Julie and Pauline.

School Council Minutes – Monday 8th February 2016

Following last week’s assemblies Mrs Melhuish has looked through all of the sheets students filled out, summarised them and will be sending the summary to form tutors to discuss during form time. Mrs Melhuish also thanked the School Council for helping out during the assemblies. There were some very good discussions and many staff commented upon how well the School Council representatives supported the different groups. All felt this format is something they would like to try again.

The School Council discussed fundamental British Values and how we can lead on from the assemblies a few months ago on this topic.

The School aims to promote these values by putting up a new display in the foyer, showing how our school promotes these values. Representatives will be involved in creating this display.

Mrs Melhuish has invited representatives from Sheringham Medical Centre to talk to the School Council.

School Council Minutes – Monday 16th November 2015

Finalised Charities Week Program:

charities week 2015 grid

Mrs Melhuish asked representatives to go back to their form groups to advertise charities week and find volunteers to bake cakes for the cake sales on Wednesday and Thursday.

School Council Minutes – Monday 28th September 2015.

More students from the younger years joined the School Council this week, however it would be good to recruit even more students from year 8, year 9 and year 10.

House Captains have spoken to Mr Myhill about House Competitions, we are currently debating whether or not to make attendance part of the house competitions.

We have also discussed introducing form quizzes on a weekly basis that count towards house points. We plan to continue with the sporting competitions.

By the 12th of October, House Captains will report back to Mr Myhill and compile a list of house competitions. House Captains and Mr Myhill will lead School Council on the organisation of these competitions.

Ideas were brought up for Charities Week, such as: 'Pointless,” as well as bringing back 'I’m a Teacher Get Me Out of Here,” 'Sheringham’s Got Talent,” and the 'Teacher Auction”. We would also like to encourage Individual groups to fundraise for Charities Week. Members were asked to think about House Competitions for Charities Week, students brought up ideas such as a 'Bake Off”.

Members were then asked to go back to their Form Groups to discuss and create ideas.

The School Council have been asked for recommendations for the new eating area attached to the Sixth Form block.

This week, Mrs Melhuish would like for the Members to meet and have a look at the new eating area and decide on furnishings. 

School Council Minutes - Monday 14th September 2015

Mrs Melhuish welcomed those students who had come along to room 35 for the first meeting of the School Council. There was a fantastic turn out. However, it would be great to see a few more students from Years 9 and 10. All Houses were represented.

It was agreed that House Captains would meet with Mr Myhill who is going to coordinate House competitions this year.

Charities Week is a really important event for the School Council and representatives were asked to go back to their tutor groups to talk about what kind of activities we might be able to organise as a school and to start thinking about which charities we might consider supporting.



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