Academy Days 2017

Academy Days 2017

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This year’s Academy days will be held on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th July.

Again there will be a mixture of activities for students to get involved in, and as like last year, all activities will carry the opportunity to earn House points.

Year 7 students will have 2 days of activities, one off site at Eaton Vale activity centre in Norwich, and the other is a mix of school based, and Sheringham Park for Bear Grylls style survival skills.

Years 8 and 9 students will have a day on-site for one day; Highline adventure company hosting activities such as climbing wall, team building, archery and Segway riding. The other day students can pick from a list of activities which include; Bake off challenge, Gravity Trampoline Park or Pleasurewood Hills experience to name a few. Places will be an on strictly first come first serve basis. To secure your place fill in the attached form stating 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice activity along with payment or deposit.

Academy Days 2016

During the summer term 2016, the school had 2 great days of activities as part of ‘Academy days’. And if you can cast your mind back, we had 2 gloriously sunny days filled with activities. Year 7 students went off to Eaton Vale activity centre in Norwich, and the Gt. Yarmouth Sea Life Centre for the other.  Years 8 and 9 students enjoyed one day with Highline Adventure Company, who hosted activities such as climbing wall, team building, archery and Segway riding. The other day students had a pick of activities which include; Bake off challenge, bush skill academy, surfing, High altitude Trampoline Park.
All the students had a worthwhile experience, with lots smiles and giggles to boot. But don’t just take my word for it here’s what some of the students had to say.

  • “I enjoyed myself because I played dodgeball and basketball with my mates at was with my mates at High Altitude” Max year 9
  • “It was so fun at Eaton vale, we got to make rafts and jump in the water as the weather was so hot.” Lucy year8
  • “I thought academy day was good fun and enjoyed the two days…I really enjoyed the raft building” George year 8
  • “I had great fun, I didn’t like heights but I conquered my fear of them on the climbing wall…on the second day I used survival skills to start a fire and roast marshmallows” Willow year 10
  • “I liked academy days but we needed bigger waves for the surfing although I loved the climbing walls and being with my friends made it memorable” Harry year 9
  • “Academy days were fun because we went to Eaton vale and got to jump in the lake, we also got to do archery. Sea life centre was fun I got to see penguins and fish” Emily year 8
  • “I we still had fun with no waves to surf; I enjoyed the swimming and games” Alfie year 9
  • “It was sunny which was good and I enjoyed the activities. Kayaking was fun and I liked jumping in the water” Joel Year 8

Although there were many highlights over the 2 days, staff wanted to mention some students that really stood out and they are as follows

  • High Altitude; Max Sexton, Joel Anderson, Jack Millen
  • Highline adventure; Robyn Templeman, Bradley Fitt, Lee Sheridan, Logan Price, Caitlin Burch, Indian Bishop
  • Surfing; Harry Yarbo, Emillio Sabitini
  • Bake off; Jess Lowe, Liam McKean, Todd Hall
  • Bush skills; Sam Bulch, Bradley Fitt