Parents of Sheringham High (POSH)

POSH was established to benefit the students of the school and we would like it to continue by recruiting a new team to re-introduce it, run it and further improve it.


It aims to:

  • Foster and develop understanding and co-operation between parents (and other members of the community) and the school.
  • Encourage activities to promote the education and welfare of our students.
  • Help teachers to establish a closer relationship with parents and hence gain a better understanding of their children.
  • Give parents a wider knowledge of educational provision nationally and locally.
  • Form a link between the school and community especially with a view to helping the disadvantaged.
  • Help parents (and others) to understand current trends in education and provide an open channel for two-way communication.
  • Assist the school by providing financial and other help which is not forthcoming from official sources.
  • Membership of POSH is free and all parents automatically become members of the association when their children start at the school.

If you would like to be instrumental in re-launching POSH, complete the enquiry form below and be part of SHS's continued journey of excellence. 


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