School Calendar

School Calendar


These meetings give parents and carers an opportunity to meet with subject teachers.  Meetings are held from 5.00pm to 7.30pm.

Autumn Term

22nd  November 2018

Years 11

Spring Term

24th January 2019

Year 7

14th February 2019

Sixth Form

14th March  2019

Year 9

Summer Term

9th May  2019

Year 8

6th June  2019

Year 10


OTHER INFORMATION EVENINGS (All meetings start at 7.00pm)

20th September 2018

Year 7 Core subjects & marking information evening for parents

20th September 2018

Sixth Form Parents' information meeting

27th September 2018

Sixth Form Open Evening

4th October 2018

Year 7 Settling in evening 5pm – 7pm

11th October 2018

Year 6 Open Evening

28th February 2019

Year 11 Parents’ meeting: Supporting Learning

3rd July 2019

Year 6 Parents' Induction Evening



Please note: Parents of students in Years 10,11,12 and 13 will be issued with individual examination timetables.

A Level exams: 13th May – 28th June 2019


29th November 2018                                           

Year 11 Art Exam

14th – 18th January 2019

Year 11 and 13 Mock Exams

29th and 30th April 2019

Year 11 Art Exam

7th and 9th May 2019

Year 12 Art/ Photog Exam

7th, 9th and 10th May 2019

Year 13 Art/Photog Exam

24th-28th June 2019

Year 10 Mock Week

1st July 2019

Year 12 Non AS Mock Exams



Autumn Term

30th August 2018

Sixth Form Enrolment

8th October 2018

Year 7 Castles Trip

12th October 2018

Mufti Day

8th November 2018

Sixth Form Taster Day

9th November 2018

SMSC Day 1

30th November 2018

Ex Year 11 Awards High Tea (3-6pm)

3rd – 7th December 2018

Charities Week

18th December

Last Day of Term (Early finish)



Spring Term

4th January 2019

Ex-Sixth Form Awards Evening

5th April 2019

Last Day of Term

Summer Term

26th April 2019

SMSC Day 2

20th May 2019

Year 8 Pathways Assembly

5th June 2019

Year 8 Pathways Deadline

11th June 2019

Year 9 SRE Day

18th June 2019

Year 8 SRE Day

20th June 2019

Year 7 Awards

27th June 2019

6th form Induction Day

27th June 2019

Key Stage 3 - Years 8 & 9 Awards

28th June 2019

Year 11 Prom

2nd July 2019

Year 7 SRE Day

3rd July 2019

Year 6 Induction Day

12th July 2019

SMSC Day 3

12th July 2019

Sixth Form Futures Day

22nd July 2019

Sports Day

24th July 2019

Last Day of Term. (Early finish)

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