School Calendar

School Calendar


These meetings give parents and carers an opportunity to meet with subject teachers.  Meetings are held from 5.00pm to 7.30pm.


Autumn Term

21st   November 2019

Years 11

Spring Term

23rd  January 2020

Year 7

13th February 2020

Sixth Form

12th March  2020

Year 9

26th March 2020

Year 10

Summer Term

7th May  2020

Year 8

OTHER INFORMATION EVENINGS (All meetings start at 7.00pm)

4th September 2019

Year 7 Core information evening for parents

19th September 2019

Sixth Form Parents' information meeting

26th September 2019

Sixth Form Open Evening

3rd  October 2019

Year 7 Settling in evening 5pm – 7pm

10th October 2019

Year 6 Open Evening

13th February 2020

Year 11 Parents’ meeting: Supporting Learning

8th  July 2020

Year 6 Parents' Induction Evening


Autumn Term

6th September 2019

School Photos

9th September 2019

Year 12 Induction Event

4th October 2019

Year 9 Rugby Tournament

9th October 2019

Year 7 Rugby Tournament

14th October 2019

Year 8 Rugby Tournament

7th November 2019

Sixth Form Taster Day and Senior Maths Challenge

15th November 2019

SMSC Day 1

2nd – 6th December 2019

Charities Week

17th December 2019

Ex Year 13 Awards

18th December 2019

Last Day of Term (Early finish)



Spring Term

6th February 2020

Year 9 Careers Fair and Intermediate Maths Challenge


Summer Term

24th April 2020

SMSC Day 2

18th May 2020

Year 8 Pathways Assembly

3rd  June 2020

Year 8 Pathways Deadline

11th June 2020

Year 7 Awards

25th June 2020

Sixth Form Induction Day and Years 8 & 9 Awards

26th June 2020

Year 11 Prom

8th  July 2020

Year 6 Induction Day

10th July 2020

Sixth Form Futures Day

20th July 2020

Sports Day

21st July 2020

Last Day of Term. (Early finish)



A massive thank you to all our parents and carers for your feedback on how remote learning is going!

As we all learn more about how we can work together while apart, we will continue to refine what we do and get better at it. We will continue to contact you about how your child is doing and keep you informed of how best they can be helped. Stay safe.

There’s nothing ‘remote’ about learning at SHS!

Everything about the Covid crisis has been about distance. We must be physically apart, we might find ourselves emotionally apart and we have been compelled to be educationally apart.

Recent press headlines and discussions have focused on the difficulties of engaging students without in-person contact. Some press reports have used ‘statistics’ gathered in dubious ways to talk about the percentages of students who are actually working remotely. Indeed, a recent study by UCL has suggested that 20% of students have done ‘little or no school work’ since lockdown.

Whatever the alleged ‘national picture’ of student engagement in distanced learning, the crucial question that has emerged is: how do we engage learners when we are not together physically? It’s a complicated question and, as with most issues, there isn’t one solution, one style, or one computer program for increasing learner engagement and motivation. But the answer, as with many things educational, seems to be what many of us call ‘common sense’!

Research seems to say that ‘online’ teachers need to combine multiple strategies to reach learners and, unsurprisingly, they must be behavioural, cognitive and emotional. In short, teachers must set a variety of work. They must reply and feedback early and often; building relationships. There must be regular, simple parental feedback so that the carer knows what work is actually being submitted. There must be a caring ear and a personal call for students and parents.

Here, at Sheringham High and Sixth, we set work which can be done independently and in REAL households with all their individual restrictions such as connectivity issues and multiple use computers. We mark and feed back quickly. We track students fortnightly. Student managers and tutors ring home personally!

So, let me share our actual statistics since the closure on March 23rd at Sheringham High given that 20% of students nationally seem not to have been engaged by their staff. On average, each of our students has completed 73% of the work set on time. Only 0.4% of students has completed no work since lockdown. Over one third of all our Year 7,8,9 and 10 students has submitted over 90% of their work on time. A quarter has done ALL work set! Since March 23rd, our students have watched 7033 podcasts on our GCSE Pod portal; usage doubling since last year. Between March and June, 3079 individual pieces of work have been set by our staff for Years 7-10 and 435 for Year 12. Over half of our sixth form students has completed 100% of the work set.

If we believe what we are told about national statistics and the etymology of the word ‘remote’(to ‘push away’) what we have at Sheringham High and Sixth is an engaged, embraced learning community which is working well and bucking the national trend! Well done to students, parents, carers and staff!

Stay safe!
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