School Calendar

School Calendar

Please note that dates and events may be subject to change in response to Covid restrictions. We will endeavour to give as much notice of changes as possible.


These meetings give parents and carers an opportunity to meet with subject teachers.  Meetings are held from 5.00pm to 7.30pm.


Autumn Term

Spring Term

21st  January 2021

Year 7

11th February 2021

Sixth Form

25th February 2021

Year 11

25th March 2021

Year 10

Summer Term

29th April  2021

Year 8

10th June 2021

Year 9

OTHER INFORMATION EVENINGS (All meetings start at 7.00pm)

24th September 2020

Sixth Form Open Evening

1st  October 2020

Year 7 Settling in evening 5pm – 7pm

8th October 2020

Sixth Form Parents' information meeting

15th October 2020

Year 6 Open Evening

12th November 2020

Year 11 Parents' Information Evening (with tutors)

11th February 2021

Year 11 Parents’  Supporting Learning Evening

7th  July 2021

Year 6 Parents' Induction Evening

9th July 2021

Year 6 Induction day


Autumn Term

5th November 2020

Sixth Form Taster Day

20th November 2020

Year 7 flu 'jab'

4th December 2020

Level 2 Taster Day

7th – 11th December 2020

Charities Week



Spring Term


Summer Term

16th April 2021

SMSC Day 1

24th May 2021

Year 8 Pathways Assembly - period 1

9th  June 2021

Year 8 Pathways Deadline

17th June 2021

Year 7 Awards

1st July 2021

Sixth Form Induction Day and Years 8 & 9 Awards

2nd July 2021

Year 11 Prom

9th July 2021

Sixth Form Futures Day

12th - 16th July 2021

SMSC week

19th July 2021

Sports Day

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