GCSE D&T: Textile Technology

GCSE D&T: Textile Technology

Awarding body, specification number and title:
AQA, 4572, GCSE Design and Technology: Textiles Technology
In this course students will be taught Textiles practical skills including seam and hem construction methods which are the foundation stone of all textiles products along with various decorative techniques such as appliqué, sublimation dyeing, tie and dye, and machine embroidery.

Pattern cutting, planning how to make products, understanding industrial issues, environmental impact of design and new developments like smart materials are also taught and form the theoretical background to design work and understanding of the wider issues affecting design in the real world. From this they will be able to design and make products using fabrics and components in an original and innovative way. Students will explore new textiles techniques and principles through specific tasks and assignments, developing skills and use of machines and equipment in a variety of ways.

Teaching will focus on knowledge and understanding of textiles materials, components, processes and techniques as these are the main elements to be tested in the final examination.

All Students start their own Design and Make project during Year 10 and continue it through to Year 11.



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