Curriculum Map and Assessment Calendar

Our English curriculum is delivered by a dedicated team of experienced professionals.

We work hard to provide lessons that engage, inspire and challenge so that students of all abilities enjoy English and  make excellent progress.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

In Year 7 the English Curriculum seeks to promote the fun and enjoyment of English. We look to engage students with interesting and exciting activities and learning environments that will stimulate their imaginations and foster a love of literature that will hopefully last a lifetime. 

We teach students the skills for reading, writing and speaking and listening.  Students are placed in an appropriate group based on KS2 levels and our own rigorous testing along with reading and spelling assessment; and are moved between groups after October and Christmas if necessary. Year 7s begin with exploring a modern novel.  This encourages them to raise their confidence in reading aloud, and to explore the way that writers use language.  We then move on to preparations for students’ first test papers; a taste of Shakespeare, a modern play, a non-fiction unit based on “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and we conclude with Poetry from other cultures and traditions. 

Other reading initiatives this term include Library Skills lessons and a fortnightly trip to the library, which we consider the heart of the school, to explore new texts and take out loans as well as engage with our fantastic Librarian Alex. 

Year 8

Students continue to work in two broad ability bands and are set within these bands.  During the year students will be assessed and challenged with a wide range of tasks and schemes of work that cover the main assessment objectives for Reading and Writing. Schemes of work focus on a range of topics and issues; such as war poetry, a murder mystery unit, short stories from before 1914, Modern Drama and a modern novel.  Students build on their Y7 literacy work to develop their analytical skills in response to literary or non-fiction and media texts. Speaking and listening skills will be developed through group presentations and class discussions.

Y8 students are encouraged to keep up their independent reading with regular visits to the library and the opportunity to take part in a wide range of reading initiatives around the school designed to maintain support a love of literature and reading. 

Key Stage 4

Year 9

This is a transition year in English when students develop the skills and experience to prepare them for GCSE courses in Language and Literature. Students in Y9 study a novel and a synoptic Shakespeare unit.

The Summer Term will focus on the GCSE spoken Language endorsement, where students will prepare for, and sit this component of their GCSE Language exam.

All of the changes that are coming about in terms of GCSE from 2015 have meant that it has never been more important for students to be prepared for the challenges that they will meet on this course. Our Year 9 transition is a fun and exciting course that forms excellent ‘real life’ preparation for the requirements of GCSE at KS4 while also furnishing students with the opportunity to really get their teeth into more challenging texts.

Year 10 & 11

At KS4 English we focus on the key skills needed for students to succeed in the wider world. We look at analysis of fiction and non-fiction texts; develop skills in critical reading and focus on research and critical thinking. All of this is done through a series of units designed to cover a wide variety of English Language and Literary foci that encompass the new AQA syllabus for GCSE English Language & Literature. Throughout the KS4 course we study a range of texts from English Literary Heritage, Poetry, Drama, Media and Non-Fiction and Shakespeare.  Students sit their GCSE in English language in year 10 and their GCSE in English Literature in year 11.

Examination Board: AQA

Full details of the AQA GCSE are available here >>

Key Stage 5

For information of courses in Years 12 and 13 click on this link >>



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