At Sheringham High School we aim to inspire a love of Mathematics whilst equipping our students to deal with both the rigours of examinations and real life.

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Once again, students at Sheringham High have excelled in the Maths challenges. In the Senior Maths challenge (years 12 and 13) we had George Padolsey and Hayden Judd-Phillips progress through to the Senior Kangaroo stage, an invitation only secondary round for students with excellent performance in the initial competition. In addition to this, repeating his stunning performance last year, Cameron Richards showed his extraordinary Mathematical flair in qualifying for the British Mathematical Olympiad, a competition that sees the top 1000 Maths students nationally complete fiendish Maths tasks to earn national recognition.

In the Intermediate Maths Challenge this success was repeated with Nathan Meritt, William Stoppani and Joshua Keeble gaining entry into the next round of the competition and William earning a merit award for his fabulous mathematical prowess.

The future of our Maths Challenge success also looks rosy with a stunning performance from Rose Fairhurst in year 7, earning her a place in the Junior Kangaroo round.

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