Trips, Exchanges and News

Trips, Exchanges and News

.Year 7 Boulogne Sur La Mer Trip


On the 20th April 2018 Year 7’s went on a day trip to Boulogne Sur La Mer. We had to be up super early as the busses departed at 4:30 am. Everyone was very tired. The bus was very quiet, but soon we started to wake up and the bus was buzzing with excited chatter. Eventually we reached the Eurotunnel and the bus drove into the train compartment. The journey under the sea went very quickly and, after what seemed like three minutes, we were in France. When we arrived in Boulogne we had time to look around the town,some students bought a beret. Using the Euros was interesting.  Then we visited Nausecaa Sea Life Centre.  It is huge! The last place we visited in France was a hypermarket where students used up the last of their Euros. We arrived back at school at 11 pm. It was a tiring but massively interesting day.

Christmas market in Cologne

Each year we offer to take KS4 German students to visit the Christmas market in Cologne, Germany.

Cologne is a popular location – it is a historic city, offering the perfect backdrop for the traditional German Christmas market. It also offers an excellent opportunity for students to engage in ‘real’ communication and dialogue with native speakers, at the same time as enjoying the special festive atmosphere of the German markets.

E Cromwell



A massive thank you to all our parents and carers for your feedback on how remote learning is going!

As we all learn more about how we can work together while apart, we will continue to refine what we do and get better at it. We will continue to contact you about how your child is doing and keep you informed of how best they can be helped. Stay safe.

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