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The P.E. department believes that good sportsmanship and fair play are an integral part of today’s sporting education. As such students are encouraged to build their skills not only in practical performance but in the ethos of making Physical Education a lifelong activity.

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Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 students will experience a wide variety of sports, from those which encourage teamwork, such as football, netball and handball, to those which provide the opportunity for them to strive towards their own maximum performance, such as athletics. When first joining the school all students will study gymnastics, learning basic skills which they can transfer into other activity areas. This is a key skill in Physical Education, allowing students to recognise where techniques and systems can be implemented across a range of different sports. Girls will focus on netball in their outdoor lessons, while boys are introduced to full contact rugby, many for the first time. Students are presented with career pathways in sport, looking at both coaching and officiating skills in a variety of sports. There is also a focus on beginning to understand the body, looking at the impacts of exercise, both short and long-term, designing appropriate warm-ups and cool-downs and planning exercise sessions. Throughout the year lessons are split between outdoor and indoor activities, with students receiving 3 hours of P.E. over a fortnight.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 the main focus of P.E. is to provide students with a taste of activities in which they may choose to participate outside of the school environment. In recent years’ sports such as American football, aerobics and futsal have all become a regular part of the curriculum, giving an insight into sports of other cultures and a chance to experience many new activities for the first time.

There is also the opportunity to study P.E. at GCSE, a course which provides the theory behind the practical elements of sport.

In Year 9 the key areas of study are:

  • Reasons for participation in sport
  • Ethical issues in sport
  • The skeletal and muscular systems
  • The components of fitness.

Year 10 sees students studying:

  • The cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • Health and Fitness
  • Biomechanics
  • Sports psychology

And in Year 11:

  • Aerobic and anaerobic activities
  • The long and short-term impacts of exercise on the body
  • Analysis of performance (NEA)

The theory element of the course is coupled with a large practical element, offering students the chance to be assessed in 3 sports as part of their final grade.

For more information about the GCSE course, including past exam papers and grading criteria please use the following link:


Extra-Curricular Clubs

The experiences we offer go much further than just lesson content. We run extra-curricular activities at lunch times and after school. These may be leisure activities, practices or team training for matches. Clubs which have been offered in school in recent years include football, netball, rugby, badminton, basketball, volleyball, boxing and dance, as well as opportunities for students to go to outside activities such as surfing. Students are given coaching by staff, as well as outside coaches and students from the 6th Form, providing a welcoming environment for all, regardless of ability. These clubs offer the opportunity to practise skills learnt in lessons in a relaxed environment with an emphasis on game play. We have established links with several outside clubs and agencies in recent years, working alongside Holt Rugby Club, Glide Surf School and Cromer Tennis Club, as well as several others, to help provide students with experiences outside of school as well as in school.

School Teams

We have a fine tradition of sporting excellence at Sheringham High School. We currently have teams and individuals representing district, county, East of England and professional teams, in a variety of sports and activities. Over the past year the school has competed in football, rugby and netball leagues, as well as participating in a wide range of competitions and events throughout the county. The Emerging Schools rugby tournament is an annual competition for Years 7-9, offering students the chance to play competitive rugby in small-sided matches, learning the skills and rules of the game. We compete in the regional athletics and cross-country competitions across all age groups, allowing those students for whom individual activities are their preference the chance to excel. Six of our students qualified for the County Finals in cross-country this year, a fantastic achievement! We are currently North Norfolk champions in volleyball, a sport which our GCSE groups have begun to excel in and which we hope to continue to progress as the years go on.

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As we all learn more about how we can work together while apart, we will continue to refine what we do and get better at it. We will continue to contact you about how your child is doing and keep you informed of how best they can be helped. Stay safe.

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