Active Citizenship

Active Citizenship


Year 7 wanted to know how they could contribute and make a difference to the world. Keen to do something that will make a positive impact on sustainable development some students decided to support the FAIRTRADE foundation and others agreed to help out on the ‘Patch’. 


Some students made some tasty snacks made from Fairtrade products and sold them at break time in the foyer. The profit made from the cake sales was then used to support a family in Sudan. From WORLD VISION a charity organisation aimed at supporting children across the globe - they bought a nanny goat. 


The students on the Patch conducted a bug survey to decide what sort of bugs we needed to encourage. A bug hotel was researched and constructed using materials scavenged from around the site. Seeds were planted and the area was tidied to make it more attractive to wildlife and humans. 


6th form open 2019

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