08th November 2018


Final reminders

Year 7

All Year 7 student should report to the Drama Studio for registration with Mrs Melhuish. They will be participating in Anti – Bullying Workshops for the day. Please see information on the website.

Year 8

Those students who are going on the trip to Harry Potter World should meet Mr Bowen on the steps outside the school at 8.30 and be ready to leave. Parents should meet their child at 7.30.

Those students staying in school need to meet Mr McGlinchey in the gym during registration. These students will be visiting Sheringham Park and participating in orienteering activities for the day. They should ensure they wear suitable clothes and footwear for the day and have refreshments with them. They will leave school at approximately 9.00 and be back by 3.00.

Year 9

Those students who are going on the trip to Duxford led by Mr Phillips should meet with him and the other staff at the allocated time and place. Please check the information given out by Mr Phillips for departure and return times.

Those students staying in school should go to the Hall for registration with Dr Richardson. They will be taking part in an environmental activity organised by Sheringham Shoal and the Mason Trust.

Year 10

Year 10 will be doing important revision work with the English Department. All students should go to the rooms allocated by Mrs Chanter.

Year 11

Year 11 will divide their time between Science and Mathematics and will be working in small groups to support their learning, in preparation for their Mock Examinations. All students should know where to go at 8.35. If not, please see Mrs Hill or Dr Bestwick for more information.

This is a mufti day for all students (except those going to Duxford) but please make sure you are appropriately dressed.

Food will be served from the gym at Break and Lunchtime.

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