SMSC Day 2019

08th November 2019

SMSC Day 2019

Dear Parents and Carers

 SMSC Day 15th November 2019

 SMSC stands for social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

 This November, our SMSC day will be school based for all year groups. The programme for this term

is part of our drive to ensure that Stalham High School meets the statutory obligations with regards

to SMSC.

Year 7


We have organised a series of workshops which support the annual national campaign to

stamp out bullying in schools. The workshops will ensure that our year 7 students

understand the meaning of bullying and will give them strategies to deal with it.

Anti-bullying week runs from Monday 11th November to Friday 15th November and the

theme this year is “Change Starts with Us”.


Year 8

Community First Aid:

*Students should attend in non-school uniform – as they will be doing much work on the

floor. Clothes should be comfortable. No skirts, strappy or cropped tops.*

Students will be working in groups under the guidance of a Community First

Responder. They will learn about emergency management, calling 999 and some first aid

procedures such as dealing with burns, epilepsy, and stroke. They will practice getting a

simulated casualty into the recovery position, CPR and how to respond to someone



Year 9


Year 9 students will be learning about different aspects of finance that are relevant to

them now and in the future. There are four different workshops:

1. How to Pay, Credit or Debit – Investigating methods of payment and learning about


2. Keeping Money Safe – Understanding the need for bank accounts and how to keep their

money safe, being able to recognise and protect themselves from fraud and scams.

3. Keeping in Control- Advertising – Investigating how advertising can affect spending, and

the choices people make when managing a budget

4. Charity & Finance – investigating fundraising, methods of donating to charity and how &

why charities advertise. In houses the students will plan fund raising games of chance to

take place during charities week in December.


Year 10

Health & Wellbeing:

Year 10 students will be working in groups and will experience a range of workshops

designed to focus on specific topics relating to their future health and personal

wellbeing. This will include workshops on fitness for life; mindfulness; healthy eating and

snack analysis. There will also be a session on testicular cancer (for boys) and breast

cancer (for girls) which will be delivered in single-sex groups.


Year 11


Periods 1 – 3 Humanities Masterclass:

Students will be working in their geography/history group for the first half of the day.


A Master class for Exam Paper 2 - Challenges in the human environment.

Students will be in their normal geography classes for the sessions. The focus will be

revisiting work initially covered in year 9 and studying in depth, the case study of Nigeria -

a newly emerging economy.

The session will cover political, social, cultural and environmental aspects of Nigeria.

Changing relationships with the wider world and how its economy is changing - with a

focus on TNC's such as Shell oil.


The year 11 history students will be completing a unit as part of the Anglo-Saxon topic

called "1066 and the invasions”. It will focus on the 4 candidates for the throne of England

and the battles that ensued. Students will then complete an assessment on the battle of



Periods 3 – 5 English Masterclass:

Students will focus on English Language examination skills to help them to prepare for

their mock exam in January. The session will also include revision of Shakespeare,

Anthology Poetry and their 19th Century Novel. This is all in preparation for the mock exam

in January.



We look forward to sharing photos of the day with you via the website and social media.

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