If you have any worries or concerns about bullying, please contact the school at once – contact us >>

Bullying encompasses an apparently minor offence such as hiding a bag to name-calling and physical violence, both in school and on the way to and from school.

Assemblies and Philosophy and Ethics lessons tackle this problem using a variety of materials and approaches.
Our aim is to educate students to acknowledge and accept the effects their words and deeds have on others, whilst emphasising that any form of bullying is totally unacceptable. We revisit the subject frequently and have annual anti-bulling days.


We use the "No Blame" approach. When an incident of bullying is reported, all students are seen separately and then together. The feelings of all are then explored by sensitive questioning.

Some incidents of physical violence need a firm and authoritative response in the first instance in order to show our disapproval of this kind of behaviour.

All incidents are treated as serious. If the member of staff who is approached by a student or notices an incident feels unable to deal with it themselves, then it is referred to Ms Beck or any other member of the Learning Support Unit. Incidents of bullying are recorded using an incident log and placed on file.

Senior students are involved where appropriate to help resolve problems between students, especially lower school students. Outside agencies are notified / involved if this is deemed to be appropriate.

In cases deemed particularly serious a parent will be contacted and the perpetrator may be excluded from school in our isolation room.