Careers guidance

Information, careers advice and guidance

2018 Open Events for Year 11 Students and Parents

The aim of information, careers advice and guidance (ICAG) at Stalham High School is to help students to prepare for adult and working life.

Through ICAG young people develop:

Knowledge of

  • Themselves - their strengths, weaknesses, qualities and potential
  • Changing opportunities in the world of work and in further learning

Skills of

  • Decision-making
  • Planning future action
  • Managing change and transition in life
  • Self-presentation

Attitudes of

  • Self-reliance
  • Responsibility to self and others

ICAG is a planned programme which forms part of the timetabled Philosophy and Ethics course for all students.

Some of the services offered

  • School based ICAG advisor to speak to Years 9 - 11 students about key issues.
  • All year 11 students will be offered an interview with the school’s Careers and Personal Advisor.
  • Where possible, an interview will be offered to years 9 and 10; those in need are offered a further and longer interview; students with Special Educational Needs may be offered a further interview with a specialist SEN personal adviser
  • All students in Year 10 complete the computer aided guidance programme known as "KUDOS"
  • A "Choices at 16+ " evening is arranged at school for Year 11 students and their parents, when Further Education Colleges are on hand to talk to parents and carers
  • The Help You Choose website which students in Years 9, 10 and 11 can access to research, plan and apply for courses, colleges, jobs and apprenticeships. Students can also find out about college and school open evenings. The website address is

These activities are supported by the School Library Career and Guidance information point which includes computer job information packages and recorded video tapes, available for both reference and loan.

From Year 7 onwards students are encouraged to think about the world of work and enterprise.   This programme should enable all students to make informed decisions about their future after school.

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