Careers guidance


Careers and enterprise education, advice and guidance including personal support across the North Norfolk Academy Trust High Schools and Sixth Form are delivered by Tash Drury, Carly Cooper and Emma Durand. They are supported by Jayne Melhuish, Deputy Headteacher for Support and Guidance.


Careers Lead: Jayne Melhuish

Careers Advisor at Sheringham and Stalham High Schools: Carly Cooper

Careers Advisors at Sheringham High School and Sixth Form Centre: Natasha Drury, Carly Cooper and Emma Durand

In our schools, we work with students to help them gain an understanding of their needs and then agree actions with them to meet those needs. Those needs may span a wide range of issues from highly sensitive to more routine support; for example information about selecting a University place; advice on option choices at GCSE or A level; crisis support for a young person at risk of becoming homeless; or indeed giving support to an individual with a drug misuse problem; every individual brings their own issues to an appointment and is treated with respect and every issue is dealt with sensitively.

Linking curriculum to careers.

Careers and enterprise education is part of and included in a student’s standard lessons, linking curriculum to real world career paths.

Teachers are informed of, and involved with, the planning of the careers programme through INSET sessions.  They include links to careers in their Schemes of Work and make reference to transferable skills throughout lessons by using the Growth Mindest Principles, which are embedded across Stalham High School and inform all of our programmes of study.

Your child may already have a career path in mind and is already preparing for the transition from school to college or employment with training or perhaps they are still a little unsure of which direction they want to take. Parents and carers are more than welcome to contact the school and make an appointment with one of the careers advisers in order to support you and them to make an informed choice about his / her future.

Careers Education Information and Guidance

Our CEIAG programme is structured around the guidance given by the Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit.

The eight Gatsby benchmarks of Good Career Guidance

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance 

Through CEIAG we support students to look at:

  • The study choices available to them, including apprenticeship and training opportunities and technical education qualifications.
  • Gaining practical experience through volunteering a gap year or work experience.
  • Accessing sources of information and support such as (finance and employability skills)
  • The value of education and training to their future career.

Stalham Careers Action Plan 2019 – 2020.

This is an outline of the events we are hoping to organise this year but please note the programme is subject to change and will depend upon the availability of many of the agencies. 

Autumn Term

Gatsby Benchmark Achieved

Year 11

Individual one to one appointments with school careers adviser, which are a follow up to the initial year 10 discussions. Priority given to those who have been identified as having particular need i.e SEND and those at most risk of becoming NEET (Not in employment, education or training)


Careers advisers offer appointments with student/parent on parent’s evenings.


Advisers assist year 11 students with post 16 applications to colleges, sixth forms and training providers using the Help you Choose online application process.


Monitoring and tracking of all students by advisers who report any concerns to the Learning Forum


Careers advisers help to identify students who may benefit from visits to Higher Education institutes including Cambridge university (Scholarship group Sheringham High and Brilliant Club at Stalham High)


Careers advisers help to identify students who may benefit from attending additional visits and extra-curricular activities including further education visits and STEM events


Targeted support delivered through assemblies, including labour market information


Year 10

First initial one to one individual appointment with school careers adviser. Priority given to those who have been identified as having particular need i.e SEND and those at most risk of becoming NEET (Not in employment, education or training)


Year 9

Students participate in SMSC day projects which links Maths, Science, Geography and Art to the world of work and visits to employers


Students start their GCSE Pathways


During Society and Ethics lessons, students are assisted to prepare for the careers event in the spring term. This includes identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, looking at the local labour market information and employability skills


Whole School

One to one appointments with careers and personal adviser to discuss and gain support with issues of a personal nature that impact upon their learning and development. Appointments initiated through self-referral from tutors or school staff as required.


Careers information, advice and guidance intervention given to any student who requests one.


The assembly programme addresses key SMSC themes with opportunities to explore the world of work for example exploring careers, the local and national labour market and post 16 opportunities.


Spring Term


Year 11

Individual one to one appointments with school careers adviser, which are a follow up to any previous autumn term meetings where students may require further support with post 16 planning.


Post mock exam analysis, which enables students to focus on their post 16 option choices, re-evaluating if needed.


Assembly programme supporting future planning.


Year 10

Trip to UEA Wonderfest in March with x15 students to provide knowledge of HE and increase students’ confidence to progress.


Careers Assembly on post 16 options, looking at Apprenticeships, A Levels, BTECs and Work Experience.


SMSC Day event organised by the Science Department with support from Cambridge Science Park / Norwich Research Park / John Innes


Employability / Careers Day – What is Employability, Mythbusting Stereotypes, Soft Skills, Post 16 Choices, Attitude and Team Building Skills. They will also take part in a mock interview with an employer or professional from an outside organisation.


Year 9

IT Session – Looking at jobs or courses they may be interested in / Skills needed for each job, Developing qualities, which subjects match with which careers?


Careers Fair (April) with local employers and organisations attending to introduce the world of work and the current labour market.


SMSC day – talks/presentations from various employers / colleges / sixth forms throughout the day.


Year 8

Before choosing GCSE options year 8 will receive a talk from UEA Outreach on ‘Where could my GCSEs take me?’ to enable students to consider the benefits of thinking carefully about their GCSE choices.


Year 8

Assembly on the process of choosing options and the opportunity for individual interviews with Careers adviser

1, 3, 4

Year 7

Talks and Workshops from the UEA on ‘What could my future look like?’

1,3, 4, 7


Summer Term


Year 11

Monitoring and tracking of post 16 destinations. Priority appointments offered to any students that have not made applications, received offers or are at most risk of becoming NEET.


Careers adviser attends GCSE results day to offer advice and guidance to any students who have not achieved entry requirements for their preferred destinations.


Year 10

Careers Week in July 2020 where year 10 students will undertake a range of activities within school relating to CV building, Cover letters, Apprenticeships, Help you Choose and interview techniques.


Part of Careers Week July 2020 – Visits to FE/HE institutions including: East Norfolk Sixth Form College ‘Discovery Day’, Paston College, East Coast College and UEA to enable students to experience a sixth form college, experience different lessons and to help them with their comparisons of further education institutions.


Continuation of initial one to one careers guidance appointments to introduce students to post 16 choices and options.


Visits to Colleges and Universities as appropriate.


Year 9

Talk on ‘What could the Future hold for me?’ from the UEA Outreach team.


Year 9

Group to visit the Classics faculty at Cambridge university; tour of some of the colleges and workshop on what Classics is.

1, 4, 5, 7

Year 8 and 9

Visits to London museums, Parliament, Harry Potter World, Chuchill War rooms with a view to linking careers / world of work to curriculum areas

1, 4, 5

Year 8

Before choosing GCSE options year 8 will receive a talk from UEA Outreach on ‘Where could my GCSEs take me?’ to enable students to consider the benefits of thinking carefully about their GCSE choices.


Year 8 receive support from careers adviser on choosing their GCSE options.


SMSC Week – Activities linked to developing new and existing skills, including problem solving, communication and team building.


Year 7

SMSC day activity linked to developing employability skills such as team work and communication


Information for Employers

We are eager to engage with employers to ensure our careers programme has maximum impact preparing our students for the world of work.  Please take a look at our careers programme above and if you are interested in participating in any of our events, do not hesitate to contact

We are more than happy to discuss any suggestions you may have as to how you can have an input into our careers programme.

Information for Parents/Carers

Encourage your child to explore all options so that we are all confident that they are making an informed choice that is right for THEM.

We do our best to encourage all of our students to discuss the choices they make with parents/carers.  However, if you would like to contact us for further advice or support for your child do not hesitate to contact us.

Apprenticeships Norfolk -

Lots of information for prospective apprentices, employers and parents.

Find an apprenticeship -

Search and apply for an apprenticeship in England 

BestCourse4Me: University Course Search | Degree Courses 

BestCourse4Me is an independent and free University Course Guide which shows the link between what you study, what you earn and the jobs available.

help you choose - 

An information, advice and careers guidance website for young people in Norfolk. Also used to apply to colleges lets you explore potential career opportunities across Norfolk & Suffolk, showing you how the organisations and job roles fit into the wider career paths of our region's industries. 

Extensive and inspiring videos explored by subject interest, job type or life decision. Also includes a popular mini Interest Guide - The Buzz Test that can be helpful for generating ideas. 

National Careers Service – www.

On-line careers advisers offering advice and guidance with useful tools on recognising skills, job profiles with hundreds of roles to explore, CV and cover letter information, interview techniques and many more.

This site is an excellent resource for anyone thinking about going to university, or job seeking after graduation. There is a helpful Career Planner to give young people ideas as to what they may be suited to, as well as information about work experience and postgraduate study. They may also find career player a useful companion for exploring graduate career films.

Parental Guidance - 

The information in Parental Guidance is by the Careers Writers Association. It is clear, concise and impartial information to help steer their sons and daughters in the right direction.

UCAS: Undergraduate Courses At University And College - 

Central organisation through which applications are processed for entry to higher education. Includes information and services for prospective student

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