Our BCO Programme

Our BCO Programme

What does BCO stand for?

BCO stands for Broader Curriculum Opportunities. At Stalham High School, we recognise the importance of working closely with, and supporting, our feeder schools. That’s why we are engaging in a programme with Stalham Academy, Happisburgh CE VA Primary, Ludham and Catfield Primaries to support their broader curriculum requirements.

This close working relationship will benefit all involved – from the teaching staff who are able to share ideas and working practices, to the students, who will learn some additional exciting things and become familiar with the High School and it’s staff, hopefully making the move up to us a much less daunting experience.

What does it involve?

The programme, which was piloted on a much smaller scale last year with our Design & Technology Department, is currently underway with the following projects:-

Stalham Academy

  • Year 6 French with Monsieur Marie-Francoise (at Stalham Academy)
  • Year 6 Design and Technology with Mr Marshall (at Stalham High School)

Happisburgh Primary

  • Year 5 Music with Mr Hall (at Happisburgh Primary)
  • Year 5 Science with Miss Sheldrick (at Happisburgh Primary)

Catfield Primary

  • Year 5/6 Science supporting their study of World War 2

In addition to the above, we are also about to launch a Year 6 Design & Technology project with Happisburgh Primary on site here at the High School. This will run from 2.00pm until 3.30pm every Tuesday.

However, this is just the beginning! As the year gathers momentum, we hope to be seeing much more of the students at our feeder schools and look forward to welcoming them to the High School.