Our Staff

STAFF LIST – 2018/19


Executive Headteacher

Dr Richardson

Assistant Headteacher: Director of

Teaching and Learning

Mr Norris (English)

Assistant Headteacher: Director of

Student Support and Guidance /Trust SENCo

Mr McMahon (PE)

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs  Melhuish (seconded to Stalham High School one day per week)

Mrs Hollidge (seconded to Stalham High School one day per week)

Lead Teacher:  Cavell and Fry

Miss Zeebroek (PE)

Lead Teacher:  Nelson and Pinsent

Mr Hall (Music, English & Drama)

Inspire Stalham Co-ordinator

Mr Hole (English)

Head of English

Mrs Rollason

Teachers of English

Mr Hole  

Mr Norris

Mrs Wells

Mr Hall (Drama)

Assistant SENCo/HLTA/Literacy Co-ordinator

Mrs Graham

Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr Messenger

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Emby for

Miss Hanley

Head of Mathematics

Mrs Walton

Lead teacher for assessment in Mathematics

Mr Alex Taylor

Teachers of Mathematics

Mrs Galloway

Mr Tetebo

Instructor of Mathematics/Numeracy Co-ordinator/HLTA

Ms Tunmore

Head of Science

Mrs Davison

Teachers of Science

Mrs Trett

Miss Sheldrick

Miss Adams

Teachers of Geography

Miss Barrell

Mr Majid

Head of History

Miss Kent

Teachers of History

Miss Barrell

Head of Philosophy and Ethics  

Mr Bates

Teachers of Philosophy and Ethics

Mr Marshall

Mr Norris

Mr Messenger

Mr Hall

Mr Hole

Head of Technology

Mrs Dorkins

Teachers of Technology

Mr Marshall

Mrs Walker

Teacher of IT

Mrs Walton

Teacher of Art

Mrs Walker

Head of Music

Mr Hall

Head of PE

Miss Zeebroek

Teachers of PE

Mr McMahon

Mr Majid

Learning Support Assistants

Ms Jeakins-Wells (+ Literacy)

Mrs Snell

Mrs St John

Miss Tunmore

Mrs Cutler

Mr Heward

Inclusion Manager

Mrs Beck

Student Managers

Miss Searle

Ms Lessells

Careers and Guidance Advisor

Ms Martin

PA to the Senior Team/Office Manager

Miss Webb for Miss James

Cover and Attendance Administrative Assistant

Miss  Robinson

Receptionists/Administrative Assistants

Mrs Cossey (Mon, Tues)

Mrs Pearson (Weds, Thurs, Fri)

Finance and Administrative Assistant and EVC

 Mrs Royle

Data and Examinations Officer

Mrs Stogneeva


Ms Schofield

Science Technician

Mrs Culley

Design and Technology Technician

Mr Dove

Mr Hamilton-Grey

Food Technology Technician


IT Team Lead & Support

Mr Taylor

Mr Ewbank

Mr Wills

Cover Supervisor

Mrs Brownsword

Mr Allwood


Mr Dove

Mr Collinson

Chief Finance Officer

Mrs Boardman

Finance Officer

Mrs Stolworthy

Business Manager

Mrs Duggan



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