Admission Arrangement

Pupils in Year 6 at Stalham Academy (formerly Stalham Junior School), Catfield Primary School, Happisburgh Primary School and Ludham Primary School are eligible for transfer to Stalham High School. All of these schools are within the catchment area.

Admission of students from outside the catchment area will be considered if admission limits allow. If you live outside the Stalham catchment area, you should contact the school to arrange a mutually convenient time to make a visit, if you’d like to meet the Headteacher and/or senior staff. Please go to the Local Authority’s website for more information about the Admissions process.

Admission Limits

As an Academy, admission limits are agreed annually with the Local Education Authority (LEA).

If there are more requests for places than places available students will be allocated places in the following order of priority:

  1. those in public care who are due to transfer;
  2. those with a Statement of Special Education Needs naming the school;
  3. those who are due to transfer and live in the area served by the school;
  4. those who are due to transfer who have a brother or sister currently attending the school;
  5. those who are due to transfer living outside the area served by the school who have attended a feeder Primary school;
  6. those with a medical need supported by appropriate professional recommendation;
  7. those who are due to transfer living outside the area served by the school whose parents are willing to accept responsibility for transport costs to school;
  8. those not due to transfer.

If all children within the above criteria cannot be accommodated priority will be given to those living closest to the school within that rule.

Parents / carers may appeal against a decision not to admit a child in writing to the Governing Body of the school. The governors involved in hearing the appeal must have not been involved in the original decision for non-admittance.

September Return to School to School Plan: Latest Information


'This autumn we are unfortunately unable to hold an open evening for prospective students and their families in the traditional fashion. We really want to show you what makes our school so special and successful and so we will be launching an online 'virtual prospectus', from Wednesday 14th October, through our school website. Details and a web link will be communicated shortly. We hope you'll join us as we release new content each week, up to half term, showcasing the ways in which Stalham High School maintains a strong reputation for academic success, student support and community engagement.'





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