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2020-2021 Holiday Warning Letter


It’s really important that your child attends school as much as possible.

We are here to help parents and students who may on occasion have difficulties with this.

Please contact Mrs Julie Wootton (Attendance Assistant) -

At Stalham High School we take the education and well-being of every child very seriously. To do our best for your child they need to be in school and learning.

Every parent and carer of a child of compulsory school age has a legal obligation to ensure that their child attends school. If a parent fails in this they are guilty of breaking the 1996 Education Act.

School's Attendance Expectations of Students

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School Sessions

For the school year 2019/2020 these are:

  • 8.35 am - 1.20 pm and 2.00 pm - 3.00 pm


All students apart from those going home for lunch stay on school premises.

Any student who wishes to go home for lunch must provide a signed letter of permission and live in Stalham. They may not go into town or to friends’ homes, but must return to their own home. They may not go home if parents / carers are not present. A laminated lunch pass will be issued to these students. This needs to be available for inspection by duty staff and prefects. We’d prefer students not to go home, but to join in the life of the school at lunch time.


Should your child not be in school, for any reason, we would ask you to contact the school on a daily basis while they are away, leaving a message on the attendance line – 01692 580281 Option1 – stating the reason why they cannot attend school (this service is available outside normal school hours). We can then update their records and know that you are aware of the absence and that your child is safe.


Registration is a legal requirement and is a positive start to our working day. Lots of information, teaching and guidance are given during this time. A register is taken each morning and afternoon. If your child is going to be late, please make the school aware by either writing a note or leaving a message on the absence line. There are sanctions in place for lateness.

Appointments during the school day

We expect, wherever possible, for appointments to be arranged so that they do not disrupt your child’s learning. If an appointment outside school hours is not available please try and ensure the minimum amount of disruption to your child’s education by making it during a lunch break or as early or late in the day as possible.

Only one half-day will be authorised for an appointment unless discussed with the school prior to the appointment.

Holidays and Leave of Absence during term time

Stalham High School does not authorise family holidays taken during term time. Leave will only be considered for ‘Exceptional Circumstances’.

Requests must be put in writing and addressed to the Headteacher for consideration.

Please note - should your request not be agreed and you take your child out of school the absence will be marked unauthorised and legal action may be taken.

Action taken when attendance is poor

The school’s average attendance is 95% and our rates of persistent absence are falling steadily as the school continues to improve. We would have cause for concern about any student whose attendance falls below 95%.

If there are problems with poor attendance, in the first instance we will always work with the family to discuss any concerns they have and help with any issues that may arise.

However if attendance does not improve after constructive intervention and parents or guardians do not have open communication with the school, legal action can and will be taken.

Your child is entitled to the best possible education to give them the best possible start in life. Please work with us in ensuring they attend school every day, and on time.