Votes 4 Schools

VotesforSchools is a weekly current affairs voting platform designed to engage young people in political and social issues. Through weekly debating and voting, not only are young people learning about the world around them, they are becoming prepared for participating in our democratic processes.


How does it work?

  • A weekly voting platform for children & young people
  • Our staff use the resources to deliver a session on the VoteTopic of the week e.g. Should the government ban the use of mobile phones in schools?

  • We get our own results back, VotesforSchools use the national result to let people know what young people think.


Top Tips for Parents and Carers

  • At 4 pm the VoteTopic goes live, check out to see what the question is
  • Ask your children to give arguments for each side of the debate, encourage critical thinking
  • When the new VoteTopic is available the last weeks result will also be on the website, look at what it is and discuss it
  • Have a think about what VoteTopics you would like to see debated and let us know, we can tell VotesforSchools
  • Follow VotesforSchools on Twitter @Votesfofschools or Facebook: Votesforschools and read about articles related to the weeks VoteTopic

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